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Lethal InvitationDemetrius Crown is Tucson PD’s top cop, a veteran homicide detective of nearly fifteen years with the highest clearance rate in the department. But he’ll face the toughest case of his career on a dark winter’s night when he’s called upon to investigate the murder of a well-respected professor from the University of Arizona. Not because the evidence is scant and the motive is unclear, but because the victim was his friend.

Lead after lead is tracked down with no success—a bizarre footprint, a spent 9mm casing, a suspect with an airtight alibi. When the murderer strikes again, media speculation runs rampant about the potential of a serial killer stalking the city. Fending off trouble within his own department that could threaten not just the case, but his career as well, Crown scrambles to find a connection between the victims. Are these random acts of violence, or carefully-selected targets? The answer soon becomes all too clear and terrifying—and too close to home for comfort.

“A tenacious cop on a mission. If you like Harry Bosch or Dave Robicheaux, you’ll love Demetrius Crown.” —Gil Miller, author of Spree

Clementine: A Song for the End of the WorldWhat Kills You Makes You Stronger

Clementine is a teenage girl from rural Oklahoma who hears voices. At first, it’s nothing special. Lost dogs and ice cream socials—things on local radio, complete with commercials. But when when she slips into a trance and foretells the beginning of World War III mere hours before the bombs start falling, the locals realize just how special Clem may be.

Carl is a government scientist with a secret laboratory. He’s trying to figure out how to save the human race once the war ends and the radiation clears, and Clem’s special gift may be exactly what he needs. First, though, he’ll have to do a few experiments. Nothing painful, he tells her—well, not too painful, anyway.

With no interest in becoming Carl’s experimental lab rat, Clem runs, leading the scientist and his cronies on a wild chase through the ruins of the American heartland. She’s almost free when one of her pursuers decides to shoot her rather than allow her to escape. Bullets tear through her chest—a fatal wound—and it looks like things are finished for young Clem, to say nothing of Carl’s grand plans to save the world and gain fame and fortune… until Clem wakes up in Carl’s secret lab a thousand years later.

Well, it’s not Clementine, exactly, but she has Clem’s memories and some of her voices. Carl is there, too. In fact, now there are two of him.

ChrysalisColt Blaine had it all—a great job in scenic Springfield, Missouri, a new house in suburbia, a beautiful wife, a great marriage, and two wonderful kids.

And then—in the blink of an eye—it all goes away.

No jobs. Nothing to barter with for food. Foreclosure. A straying wife. Not bad enough? Fuel supplies run out in the Midwest. No fuel means no delivery trucks and no food. Electricity is spotty and then the grid shuts down completely. There is no fuel to run the auxiliary generators. No electricity means no clean water. No hospitals. No defense against disease.

And so the nightmare begins. Law enforcement and the National Guard crumble before organized gangs. The city and countryside become a funeral pyre of desperate, starving people with no hope, nowhere to go, and nothing left to do—but die. Zombies? Nope. Just plain folks.

Colt loses everything he values in life. Rock bottom. His entire world may have been turned inside out through circumstances beyond his control, but he’s still alive—barely. Now he must fight for survival among gangs, sickness, betrayal and death, finding love and loyalty in unexpected places and emerging an entirely changed man.

Chrysalis is a raw, fast-paced story of one man’s journey from despair to triumph in a dangerous new world, and what he becomes to get there.

“in a world obsessed with zombies, chrysalis deals with a premise far more worrying and dangerous. sparkman delivers another knockout.” —Gil Miller, author of Spree

The Fifth DayPortents of evil. Dreams of destruction, chaos, death. Feelings of terrible foreboding, heavy as the dark skies before a storm hits.

Within twenty-four hours, the sudden and nearly universal presentiment of doom experienced by folks in the peaceful beach town of Furness, California is found to be horrifyingly accurate when a handful of people wake up to find that their friends, families, and loved ones—in fact, most of the inhabitants of the Earth—have simultaneously vanished without a trace.

Left behind to make sense of a strange and depopulated world are an odd assortment of people. A wry and jaded psychic who knows good and well that her fortunetelling is a sham—until the day it begins to come true. A kind, idealistic registered nurse. A thirteen-year-old science nerd. A church custodian. An outspoken, pragmatic physicist. A volatile and unpredictable bakery owner. A tough-as-nails ex-Army man with a terrible secret, who is determined that he’ll survive this, even if it’s at the cost of the others.

But they soon discover that they’re not the only ones trying to find their way through the empty streets of Furness. Because the cataclysm that took 99% of the Earth’s inhabitants did one other thing.

It released the monsters.

Tortured SoulAfter months of clandestine battles, the Brothers of the Medici Protectorate finally know who is responsible for the assassination attempts on the Notaro family, the secret descendants of the Medici line. And they’ve never faced such a formidable foe.

Roberto Cozza—Coz—faces this new reality with surprising pragmatism. His powers may make the difference in winning their covert war—if only he can master them in time. It would just be so much easier if he could get his emotions under control, but neither his Brothers nor their charges are making things easy on him.

Toni Notaro appreciates the security provided by the Brothers, but she knows she has her own role to play—and it terrifies her. She is the missing link in Coz mastering his emerging abilities, yet she struggles to bridge the gap between what he needs and what she can offer.

As the Brotherhood hurtles inexorably toward the climactic final showdown, Coz and Toni must find the strength within themselves and each other to master the secrets of his powers, or risk death and defeat for all they hold dear.

The Fall of Hermitage HouseIn their most baffling tale of suspense and intrigue to date, Deputy Sheriff Dallas Starr and reporter Jessie West once again team up to bring justice to Grace County.

The new owners of Hermitage House are kidnapped seemingly without purpose. Could their abductions be connected to the reappearance of escaped villains Robert Kimble and Taylor Bainbridge of the Rising Moon cult? What about the distraught man found hiding in the woods with two girls he claims are his daughters?

As the romantic relationship between Jessie and Dal heats up further—finding even more unusual places to bloom—Dal and his fellow deputies search in one direction to unravel the mystery, while Jessie and her best friend Tink go in the other direction, putting themselves in peril during their own search for clues.

Throw in an escaped lion, stolen police cars, and the appearance of a mysterious hermit, and this puzzling case seems to have endless twists and turns. Will this be the one that finally takes Jessie too far in the pursuit of her next story? After losing his wife, can Dal’s heart survive a relationship with a woman who puts herself at risk?