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Gordon Bonnet: Face ValueOn a brutally hot summer day, Tess Ethridge, a beautiful and well-respected elementary school teacher, is stabbed to death while out on a jogging trail. There’s a witness—a quiet, shy man named Quentin Joyner sees the murder take place.

But Quentin isn’t going to be much help to the police. He’s completely face-blind—not only does he have no recognition of others, he wouldn’t even recognize his own face in a mirror. Confronted with inquiries about the events he saw and doubts about his odd perceptual disorder, Quentin comes to the detectives of Snowe Agency for help.

The psychic detectives, under the leadership of the enigmatic Mr. Parsifal Snowe, quickly find out that there’s more to this case than meets the eye. First, Tess Ethridge may not have led as squeaky-clean a life as it seemed. Second, while Quentin’s inability to recognize faces gets him off the hook with the police, the murderer isn’t as quick to believe him, and it’s not long before Quentin turns from a bystander into a target.

Can the detectives of Snowe Agency untangle a web of secrecy, lies, and duplicity in time to unmask a murderer—and save the life of the only witness to the crime?

Andrew Butters: Hard TruthTo the outsider, Thomas Van Steen seems to have everything—a successful business, beautiful, sexy wife, loyal best friend, expensive cars, and custom-tailored suits. But on the inside, his life is not as perfect as it seems. His aging mother is experiencing rapidly declining health. To see her through her last days, he has set her up in his New York City penthouse, with the best care money can buy. The second flaw in this perfect life? Thomas is oblivious to the fact that he’s a misogynistic, narcissistic hypocrite who treats everyone except his mother with contempt and disdain.

Celebrating a huge win at a poker game, and on the verge of closing an incredible business deal, Thomas and his idyllic existence come to a screeching halt. Exiting his apartment in a rush, he finds himself trapped in the elevator when the power goes out. Feeds from the building’s security cameras are still live, though, keeping him from being completely cut off from the exterior world. Unfortunately, these only provide grainy pictures and sounds echoing off the building’s stairwells, corridors, and lobby to give him clues to what’s happening outside. Nothing he sees or hears is reassuring.

Trapped inside, powerless in every way, he feels the cracks forming in the carefully-laid foundations of his world—exposing a cold, hard truth he is unprepared to face.

“Deeply unsettling, kept me up late into the night. A writer to watch.”
—AJ Aalto, Bestselling Author of The Marnie Baranuik Files