Based on the award winning novel The Mustanger and the Lady by Dusty Richards

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After the FallThey called it “The Fall”—the total collapse of the United States and the American way of life. Within twelve months, eighty percent of the population is gone. After a time, even the military stops trying to cope and pulls back to the coasts, leaving the interior, from the Alleghenies to the Rockies, on its own. Now, the remnant of Americans left in the depopulated cities and the wilderness that used to be the breadbasket of the world are becoming increasingly desperate, doing anything it takes to survive.

In this new America, though, death is always just a heartbeat away. John Trent has survived because he is better at killing than those around him, but he’s getting tired of constantly living on the edge of his wits. As a courier for the army, he’s alway on the move, dodging raiders… and he doesn’t know how much longer he can go on. Then he meets a girl who gives him a reason.

But the discovery of a serial killer stalking the forests, killing young women in a horrific and brutal fashion, makes John realize he can’t abandon his skill at the hunt quite yet. Beyond that, a particularly vicious band of raiders is set to descend on a new settlement John has been ordered to protect ahead of a new re-population effort. Caught in the middle, will he live long enough to enjoy his newfound love, or simply become the latest victim of the anarchy and chaos of the New American Frontier?

Mexican SkiesFeel the tropical sun and the sultry breeze in two dramatic, tension-filled adventures that play out across the distant reaches of Old Mexico.

Every six years, Mexico elects a new president bringing hopes of internal change along with the possibility of upheaval and danger. Meridian Sun finds eccentric North American novelist Jack Dodge caught up in the furor when a voice from the past shows up in the person of young reporter Paige Warren. Their emotional and poignant reunion is made even more fraught when they find themselves in one of the most dangerous and explosive Mexican presidential campaigns in recent history, one that reaches its startling conclusion in the heart of Mexico City itself.

Then, in Yucatan Dawn, John Pastor has left the United States after the murder of his wife and children and found a lonely, subsistence life as a private investigator in Mexico City. But when he lands in the middle of a conspiracy to steal a priceless archaeological artifact, the big PI has to doggedly dodge bullets, outlaws, and doubtful advice from supposed friends on a wild goose chase through the country that leads to an epic confrontation at the ruins of Chichen Itza in the far Yucatan Peninsula.

Meridian Sun and Yucatan Dawn—come for the beautiful Mexican locations, stay for the pulsating adventure and excitement.

Bound by HonorCan two hearts bond a galaxy apart ….

“I’ve come for you.” With those words, Rhyel of New Centallus changes Dr. Amber Donovan’s life forever.

Their home world destroyed, Rhyel, six Elders, and the predominately male crew of his interstellar ship, Novaria, are the only survivors of their species. Their assailants demanded the sacred artifact known as the Acqeli. Rhyel is charged with its protection.

Generations of Elders have guarded the black crystal, a translation stone capable of unlocking terrible secrets etched on the temple walls of a dead planet. To protect the Acqeli, the Centallians must colonize an uninhabited world and rebuild their race. The men barter for brides from Earth’s third world countries. But they cannot trade for the woman who is key to the colony’s survival. Rhyel may be forced to compromise his honor to obtain her.

Light years from the new colony, Amber is plagued by dreams of world devastation, of the death of a stranger she calls Mother. In the aftermath of a particularly troubling dream, she discovers a man in her room—Rhyel. Like the dark incarnation of an unrelenting primitive god, his eyes burn with an intensity of purpose that terrifies her.

All she wants is to go home, but she finds herself caught up in the life and death struggles of the young colony. All he wants is her, but the circumstances that draw them together must also keep them apart. Ultimately, the bond they share cannot be denied. Bound by love, they face the challenges of a new life and a new world.

Where Love Has GoneFrom the author of The New York Times #1 best-selling novel The Carpetbaggers comes a story inspired by the real-life murder of Johnny Stompanato, allegedly stabbed to death by the daughter of his lover, actress Lana Turner. Where Love Has Gone is a thrilling tale of greed, betrayal, and passion. When first published in 1962, the novel rocked Hollywood to its core, staying on The New York Times best sellers list for 14 weeks.

In love and soon to be a father, Luke Carey has the life he’s always wanted. That is, until a mysterious late-night phone call summons him to San Francisco. Luke’s first daughter whom he hasn’t seen in six years, fourteen-year-old Danielle, needs him, and he’s desperate to do anything he can to help. But coming back into Danielle’s life means facing his ex-wife Nora, and the explosive, violent drama of the life he left behind.

Where Love Has Gone was adapted into the Academy Award®-nominated blockbuster film of the same name, starring Oscar® winners Bette Davis and Susan Hayward.