Galway (Westerns)

Galway Press

Galway Press is Oghma Creative Media’s western imprint. Saddle up, partner! Classic to contemporary, hit the trail with a good, old-fashioned Western.



Dusty Richards

A Bride for Gil The Natural The Texas Badge Out of a Job, Not Earning a Dime
A Funeral Ain’t the Place Gold in the Sun The Mustanger and the Lady The Cherokee Strip
The Pride of Texas


Velda Brotherton

Montana Promises Montana Treasures Last Ride to Devil's Hole One Last Image
Montana Dreams Montana Fire Montana Destiny


Randall Dale

Pardner's Trust Friends in Deed: Cowboy Up #2


Darrel Sparkman

Spirit Trail Osage Dawn The Reckoning Hallowed Ground
Abilene Stage After The Fall


Gordon Bonnet

Common Cause


J.B. Hogan

Jailbreak Saturday Night Bushwack


JC Crumpton

Field of Strong Men/Jack and Jill


John J. Dwyer

Riding the Shortgrass Country


John T. Biggs

The Promise


Pamela Foster

Fingernail Moon


Staci Troilo

Valuable Treasures