by J.B. Hogan

FallenThe snares of the world were its ways of sin. He would fall.

Fallen is a collection of short fiction featuring stories of character, humor, military service, personal relationships and history in locales ranging from New York to L.A., from the Caribbean to the Far East and from the early 20th Century to the present day. Taken together, the stories in Fallen are slices of American life in the Hamlin Garland tradition but from a fully modern perspective and often on soil beyond our national borders. (210 pages, Liffey Press, 2016)

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Paperback ISBN: 978-163373127-1
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J.B. HoganJ. B. Hogan is a prolific and award-winning author. He has published over 250 stories and poems.

His book of fiction, The Apostate and his local baseball history book Angels in the Ozarks are available from Pen-L Publishing and Amazon.com.

His books Living Behind Time, Losing Cotton, The Rubicon, Fallen, and Tin Hollow are available from Oghma Creative Media and Amazon.com.