Friends In Deed

Friends in Deed

by Randall Dale

Friends in Deed: Cowboy Up #2A young cowboy, an aspiring artist, and a rich man form an unlikely friendship. None wanted anything more than acceptance from the others… but sometimes acceptance comes with strings attached.

Flemming DuBois, a bilionaire businessman from the East Coast who has everything but happiness, sees a gallery painting in San Francisco. He vows to meet the artist who can bring such a feeling of peace to the viewer, a feeling he himself has not felt in a long time. On a personal trek to understand where his life has gone off track, he travels to rural New Mexico to meet Jake—the artist—and by association, Ricky, a young, hard-working ranch manager and his wife. Flemming’s time in the world of high finance and business has not prepared him for the humble, hardworking ranch couple. With regret he realizes that in spite of all his wealth, he doesn’t have what Ricky and Jessie have—love for each other, love for life, and friends that care not for the size of one’s bank account, but for the size of one’s heart.

“From greenhorns and gringos to pickups and palominos, nobody fills their novels with the living, breathing spirit of the West and the cowboy way more than Randall Dale.”

Three-time Winner of the
Western Writers of America Spur Award (298 pages, Galway Press, 2018)

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Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63373-349-7
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E-Book ISBN: 978-1-63373-351-0
Randall DaleRandall Dale grew up in a ranching family. No stranger to long days in the saddle, Randall draws heavily on his experiences to bring a new breed of western novels. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona and while there was a member of the rodeo and livestock judging teams. He is a past Arizona champion of the United States Team Roping Championships and continues to compete when time permits.

Randall is a devoted family man and successful businessman with a flair for writing, and an interest in all things western. He currently lives in rural Southeastern Arizona with his wife. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.