Living Behind Time

Living Behind Time

by J.B. Hogan

Living Behind TimeMost of us are living behind time… trapped in some phase of our past, like an insect in amber.

Living Behind Time is a pre-9/11 on-the-road story with a twist. Evoking echoes of the 1950s Beats, protagonist Frank Mason reverses the classic American journey by traveling West to East. Leaving his home in San Diego, Frank makes a solo cross-country road trip to points known and unknown, ending up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Along the way, he revisits friends and locations from the past, rediscovering his own and our nation’s recent history, and learning that, in the end, there is still hope in a shared future… for us all. (336 pages, Liffey Press, 2014)

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J.B. HoganJ. B. Hogan is a prolific and award-winning author. He has published over 250 stories and poems.

His book of fiction, The Apostate and his local baseball history book Angels in the Ozarks are available from Pen-L Publishing and

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