Noisy Creek

Noisy Creek

by Pamela Foster

Noisy CreekBusy running an upscale spa and beauty salon, Alyson Ruth Barr is floating into old age supported by her big, quirky, southern family. Three times widowed, at 55, she’s looking forward to a quiet life in the shady pool of small town Noisy Creek. With dozens of nieces and nephews—and aging parents who are beginning to slow—being matriarch of the Barr family fills her days just fine. If her nights are sometimes lonely, well, she has the memory of three good men with which to console herself.

Until Colin Jenkins—a contractor twenty years her junior—steps into her life. A birthday prank perpetuated by her sisters? Or a young man looking for financial gain? With the help of family and friends, Ruth is forced to reexamine her life, to look the changes of her own aging body squarely in the eye, and decide whether to float in the shallows or swim for the wild current. (302 pages, Foyle Press, 2014)

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Pamela FosterPamela Foster has always been surrounded by great food. She became an Abbey Cook at an early age, learning to prepare the organically grown produce and free range livestock raised on her family’s small country estate. Her maternal grandmother sang while she cooked; it was her introduction to the love of cookery. While she once catered her own hand crafted Swiss chocolate truffle confections, she now prefers to simply share her passion of these delightful treats with family and friends.

She holds a degree in History and is fascinated by how people lived, what they ate, and how traditional dishes evolved. The Edwardian period was an exceptional time for food: it played a key role in how wealth was displayed.

Her passion for history, food, healthy eating, and period dramas — including Downton Abbey — resulted in her popular blog As a fan she included a number of famous “Downton dishes” for fans to enjoy as they watch the show together.

She firmly believes that everyone should embrace the role of head cook in their own Abbey. Learning to prepare what we eat has health, cost and many other benefits.

She is married to her Lord D, living happily ever after in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada.