Pardner’s Trust

Pardner’s Trust

by Randall Dale

Pardner's TrustA good horse gone bad and a young, ambitious cowboy meet in an epic battle of wills in the dry and dusty southwest.

Hard working and honest to the core Ricky Richardson, taught by one of the best, is injured in a freak horse accident that leaves him in the hospital and the horse dead. After six weeks of recovery and without work he is desperate for a job. An offer comes with a catch, he must show up with a horse to ride and the only horse in his price range is a mistrusting black with a history of having been mistreated. He is cheap for a reason as Ricky would soon learn. Both stubborn, one will have to give. Which one will it be? A tender and emotional story of the bond that develops between a horse and his owner.

That bond is tested as the young man and his horse endure an almost unbearable hardship. It will take all the fortitude Ricky can muster and all the help his friends can give as he faces the possibility of losing his favorite horse forever. (305 pages, Galway Press, 2017)

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Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63373-277-3
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Randall DaleRandall Dale grew up in a ranching family. No stranger to long days in the saddle, Randall draws heavily on his experiences to bring a new breed of western novels. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona and while there was a member of the rodeo and livestock judging teams. He is a past Arizona champion of the United States Team Roping Championships and continues to compete when time permits.

Randall is a devoted family man and successful businessman with a flair for writing, and an interest in all things western. He currently lives in rural Southeastern Arizona with his wife. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.