The Rubicon

The Rubicon

by J.B. Hogan

RubiconShallow and not very wide.

The Rubicon, Poems and Short Fiction by J.B. Hogan, crosses the stagnant, predictable intellectual waters of conventional thought into a more challenging place—a place that is far less comfortable, much less traditional. There are some 120 poems and twenty plus stories here running the gamut from the personal to the public and from the environment to war. Religion and politics, the two conversational bugbears, find free rein here, as does a Beat sensibility and literary biography in poetic and fictional form. Imagist work, reflections on death and dying, and views of life not bound by geographical limitations highlight this tightly-arranged collection. (342 pages, Tweed Press, 2015)

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J.B. HoganJ. B. Hogan is a prolific and award-winning author. He has published over 250 stories and poems.

His book of fiction, The Apostate and his local baseball history book Angels in the Ozarks are available from Pen-L Publishing and

His books Living Behind Time, Losing Cotton, The Rubicon, Fallen, and Tin Hollow are available from Oghma Creative Media and