Is it Porn, or Is it Love?

Velda Brotherton



Recently an old friend accused me of writing porn. She writes these cozy mysteries where even husband and wife don’t kiss or touch each other. I did not remind her that in all the years we’ve known each other, I’ve always been kind enough not to tell her why I don’t read her books. Frankly, they bore me.

My brand is Sexy, Dark and Gritty. Get the idea? I do not write porn, but I suppose she has the right to say that. And the dictionary does say that pornography is work pictured or written specifically to arouse sexual feelings. So, I give up. She’s right. My stories do arouse sexual feelings. That is absolutely terrible. However, the stories aren’t written specifically to arouse sexual feelings. My two characters are having a consensual love affair. Neither is married and both are the age of consent. And I enjoy…

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Follow Your Passion

Velda Brotherton

You’d think after living on this earth for 79 years I’d have learned something about following good advice. But I haven’t. No I just continue to do things the way I want to. Stubborn, I reckon they call that.

When I started my career in writing after I was fifty years into my existence on this beautiful planet, and fell into being published in western historical romance, I was told to stick to the genre. The way to fame and fortune was to concentrate on one subject, so to speak. Romance was the best seller in those days. I might have done just that had it not been for something beyond my control. The change in publishing. The crash. The end of publishing as we all knew it.

Okay, second, I’m told not to write blogs about writing. Mine always seem to circle back around to that or begin with…

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A NEW BEGINNING 2015: End of a Season

Peggy Chambers “Views from the Hammock” Site

It occurred to me on my walk with the dog this morning that my blog is called “Views from the Hammock.”  I haven’t spent much time in the hammock this year.  Like me it is getting old and used – frayed around the edges and broken in a few places.  But still hanging in there.

I take a walk with the dog most mornings unless it is raining.  The app on my phone says the route is 1.65 miles x 7 days a week that is 11.55 miles each week.  Since I retired in March I have lost 6 pounds – only 7,000 to go.

I noticed a change in the air this morning as I pulled on a windbreaker.  Autumn starts next week and the nights are cooler. I was sweating by the time I finished the walk and the kids in the neighborhood were out in…

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Parking Garages as Props

The Book of Writing

Garland Ave Parking Garage

As I drive around Fayetteville here lately, I’ve noticed parking garages popping up practically overnight, like so many mushrooms. Big mushrooms. Now, for those of you reading this who might be used to big city life, parking garages ain’t no big thing. When I was able to go visit my daughter in Santa Monica, it seemed like they were all over the place, big multistory affairs that held who knew how many cars, the gates busy all day long, digital readouts right beside them telling how many empty spots were available. Handy, that. Keeps you from driving around the thing all day only to discover there’s nowhere to park and now you’re just that much later for your appointment.

Parking garages—I think the call them structures instead of garages—make sense in that kind of setting. Real estate is a limited resource in places like LA. The big…

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You Have No Life, You Should Get a Blog

Out intrepid leader, Casey Cowan, has joined the blogosphere! I know you all have loads of advice for him. Don’t hesitate to give him tips and ideas 🙂 He so loves to hear those!



“You should blog.”

“Everybody’s doing it.”

“If you’re a writer, you should be putting yourself out there.”

Come on, you’ve all heard these lines how many times? Hell, as a publisher myself, I’ve probably uttered them about a hundred times. Blog, blog, BLOG!

I fought it for a long time. I absolutely refused to give in to the peer pressure. I’ve never even tried pot, you want me to do what? Do you know what kind of effects blogging has on you in the long run?

And, let’s face it… a blog is a big commitment. You have to host it, feed it, show it love and affection. I’m sure there are many proud blog owners out there who bathe and groom their babies, enter them in contests, dress them up in reindeer antlers at Christmas and take cute pictures with them. But is it for me? I just don’t…

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Why Follow That Path

Oghma Author, Velda Brotherton, Asks ‘Why’ in her Latest Blog Post

Velda Brotherton

Back in 1985 I was asked to write a column for three local weekly newspapers. The subject would be local Ozark crafts people. There was no particular reason I was asked. I think they couldn’t find anyone else. Nevertheless, I went to work not having much of an idea what I was doing. I learned how they got started creating their crafts, what they had learned over the years. How it made them feel to create something so beautiful or intricate or artistic that someone would fall in love with their product and actually pay money for it. And then I wrote a column about what I had learned.

Every artist has a story about how they started down the particular path they follow. Odd that in learning these artists and crafts people’s story, my own began. Oh, I had piddled around writing over the years, but always put it…

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