John T. Biggs—Speculative

  • Sacred Alarm Clock
  • Clementine
Velda Brotherton—Mainstream, Western Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense

  • Beyond the Moon
  • The Tell-Tale Stone
  • A Savage Grace
  • The Pit and the Penance
Claire Croxton—Contemporary Romance

  • Santorini Sunset
Sorchia Dubois—Paranormal Romance

  • Just Like Gravity
Lori Ericson—Crime Fiction

  • A Lovely County
Pamela Foster—Mainstream

  • Noisy Creek
  • Bigfoot Blues
Tammy Hinton—Mystery

  • The Judas Steer
Gordon Bonnet—Speculative

  • Kill Switch
  • Lock & Key
  • Sephirot
Peggy Chambers—Children’s/YA

  • Glome’s Valley
JC Crumpton—Paranormal, Science Fiction

  • Silence in the Garden
Chris Enss—Western

  • Coming Soon
Rachel Fawn—Children’s/YA

  • The House of Secret Treasures
J.B. Hogan—Literary, Poetry

  • Living Behind Time
  • Losing Cotton
  • The Rubicon: Poetry & Short Fiction
  • Fallen: A Short Story Collection