Andrew Butters

Andrew Butters

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Andrew is a 40-something married father of two living in Cambridge, Ontario. He says that his first published work was Losing Vern as part of the Orange Karen: A Tribute to a Warrior anthology. In reality, it was a 500-word anecdote about the time he lit himself on fire. That story made it into the third installment of the Darwin Awards books.

Fire is not the only foe for Andrew. He has received several severe concussions and a few “minor” ones, the last coming in the summer of 2011. It goes without saying that he is one hundred percent on board with head protection and brain health.

Not all his distinctions are as dubious as appearing in a Darwin Awards book. There was the time he did a trick on stage with Penn & Teller. He had a minute of time the Super Dave Osborne show. He scored a game-winning goal at Maple Leaf Gardens and even “sold” music to filmmaker Kevin Smith. He was even given a whole three seconds of non-speaking airtime in a TV commercial. And who could forget when he appeared as a fighting homeless man in a rap video.

His first novel, a story about his daughter’s scoliosis surgery is available now. His first work of fiction, a psychological thriller is due to release in late 2018. He currently blogs, is writing his next novel, is a huge fan of golf, hockey, science, equality, and the Oxford comma.

Andrew sometimes lets his love of attention override common sense. You can find evidence of this pretty much anywhere you can find Andrew.

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