W.T. Fallon

W.T. Fallon


W.T. FallonW. T. Fallon drew on her extensive experience at being broke, underemployed, and dealing with compulsive liars when she wrote Fail to the Chief, a book about politicians competing in the ultimate reality show. She wrote it in a month after getting fired from the only job she’d ever had that paid like she was the two-time college graduate she is and not a kindergarten dropout. Paying too much for a college diploma that loses value every day—only to be underemployed in multiple retail jobs—was just one of the many issues she wanted to address in her first book. Because she believes if you can’t say something nice, you should say something sarcastic and totally on point, she dedicated herself to writing a comedy about the world’s biggest circus, er, caucus, otherwise known as the presidential election.

W. T. has few marketable skills, but is highly talented in the areas of sarcasm, satire, and snark. For the past several years, she has written for the local Gridiron Show, and this year she started a political satire blog called Sharable Sarcasm. She was published on The Satirist, and has been writing for Humor Outcasts since September of 2016. Currently, she is working on her next political satire book.

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Fail to the Chief

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