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We’re delighted to share this fabulous interview with Parris Afton Bonds about how her all-new series, The Texicans, came to be! Book 1, The Brigands, is available now wherever books are sold! It’s a great stocking stuffer!

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Cover: The Deep End
The Deep End

Steampunk adventure with plots and rebels, intrigue and poisoned stabby things, business done cutthroat style, and a mystery where the sleuth has to suspect herself.

THE DEEP END is a fun, sassy, metaphysical romp.

Cover: The Obituary Collector
The Obituary Collector

Dignified, silver-haired Mr. Parsifal Snowe tries to catch a wily killer in a psychiatric hospital. But he won't be able to solve this case without the help of his new team—the psychics Troy Seligman, Bethany Hale, and Callista Lee, managed by the ultra-competent but eccentric malaprop Arabella Leidenfrost. But can they stop a clever killer determined to destroy the patients and staff of Riverside Psychiatric Hospital one after another?

Cover: Lucid Design
Lucid Design

What if the next big drug was you?

Lucid is that next big drug.

It gives its user the ability to sense and control other people’s bodies. Scientists and drug dealers seek its power. There’s just one catch. This drug can’t be made in a lab, only by the rare person’s body.

The 12th Dimension

Noman Pepper wakes from a cold sleep on Sedonea, a big chunk of his past missing.

Who is he? The answer to this question will be the turning point in the struggle between the Sedoneans and the Andromish. A struggle with the planet and all its life at stake. When the dust settles, Sedonea will be changed forever.

The Most Intangible Thing

We are the stories we tell, and our relationships tell all.

In nine compelling stories, Cly Boehs captures people caught in the crosshairs of a dilemma--a twist of fate, an opportunity missed, a chance meeting with a stranger, a lover's betrayal--a turn of events that leaves no choice for emotional retreat

Range War of Callie County

Charlie Brackeen owns the big ranch that takes up the entire north end of drought-stricken Callie County. When he pushes his B-Bar-M cattle south of their own range, it’s no mistake—it’s a hostile takeover, enforced by Sheriff Alex Woodbridge.

They just didn’t count on Jed Mahan.

The Fifth Day

The Dead Are the Only Lucky Ones Among Us.

Portents of evil. Dreams of destruction, chaos, death. Feelings of terrible foreboding, heavy as the dark skies before a storm hits.

Within twenty-four hours, the sudden and nearly universal presentiment of doom experienced by folks in the peaceful beach town of Furness, California is found to be horrifyingly accurate when a handful of people wake up to find that their friends, families, and loved ones—in fact, most of the inhabitants of the Earth—have simultaneously vanished without a trace.

Fail to the Chief

V. R. Craft

It's a Parody of Presidential Proportions.

After years of emceeing insipid singing competitions, TV personality Bryan Seafoam can't wait to host American President, the world's first reality show to elect a country's Chief Executive. It’s the chance he’s waited a lifetime for—an opportunity to be a real journalist, unearthing skeletons and playing hardball with the top ten candidates.

Back to Bremen

Cecelia Wilson

Edith Röpke, her seven siblings, and their mother have learned to be silent and live inconspicuously....

It is 1939. On the cusp of World War II, the city of Bremen holds its breath with quiet unease. For years, the Jews have been excluded from everyday life, persecuted at the hands of the Nazis. Now, all of Germany will suffer for their Führer’s mad ambitions. In his quest for an Aryan utopia, Adolf Hitler invades Poland and Britain declares war on Germany.

Animal Sacrifice

Max Joplin paid a price for being a whistleblower. Blacklisted everywhere, he finally gets a new job by way of a friend.

But when the bizarre murders begin to pile up, Max wonders if the people at his new job aren’t somehow connected to his old bosses—until his partner becomes one of the victims.

Soldier’s Heart

Jeremiah Jones is haunted by the horrors of war. Fighting for the grays, he survives a score of battles with names like Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga with nary a scratch. What he witnesses in those fights, though, leaves behind scars far deeper than any bullet or bayonet ever could.

Two Blankets

Trapped in the deadly conflict between two cultures, a young native girl struggles to survive.

In 1850, on the great Columbia River, a ten-year-old Nez Perce girl’s life is changed forever. Stolen and made a mistshimus—a slave—to the Chinook, Little Mouse struggles to escape only to be caught and beaten.

This is the story of how she earned her name.

Cover: Crowned
Crowned: The Legend of the Three Bears

Good King Alfred of the Bear Kingdom passes away, leaving behind a powerful magic jewel, three young sons... and no guidance as to which of them should take the throne.

They prepare for battle, not realizing they are only pawns in a much larger game of chess. Others have their eyes on the magic gem, and will stop at nothing to control its powers.

It's Easy to be Brave from a Safe Distance.

When Zekial Broome stops a sadistic slave chaser, Grissum McCord, from whipping his captive, he and the girl have no choice but to flee west into the untamed lands of the wild frontier. If they can make it to the Green River country, no one will ever find them.

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Let’s talk Harold Robbins! At one time, Harold was the bestselling author of his time, selling millions of copies. His books made the leap to big screens and small, and the characters he created were played by Hollywood elites. But don’t think of his work as snapshots frozen in time or trapped in amber like …

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Once Upon a Time

International Thank an Author Year

I am declaring today the beginning of “International Thank an Author Year”. To my knowledge, this has not been previously declared, and I believe it is long overdue. And since Earth does not yet have an international government, I believe that I am as qualified as anyone else to declare this event. Think about it …

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