Another Eden

by KD McCrite

Book Cover: Another Eden

When promising young medical student Andrew Wade rejects the advances of a fiery mountain girl determined to entrap him, she demands help from the local medicine woman known for black sorcery. The curse is one of selfish revenge, and its dark consequences doom the girl to her death and cast Andrew to his hopeless exile—in a painting.

A century later, Abigail Matthews, a successful Ohio defense attorney disillusioned with a career built on lies and manipulation of rules, sets off to the Ozark Mountains for a time of soul-searching solitude. En route, an unrelenting urge compels her to stop at a roadside antique shop where she finds and buys a disturbingly mysterious painting. The painting draws Abbie into it, transporting her into Andrew’s dark world.

Neither of them realizes the key to their escape from this bewitched world is love without constraints, and Abbie is the only one who holds that key. Can she unlock her heart and the doorway to freedom before it’s too late?

Publisher: Lagan

About the Author

K.D. McCrite was raised on a small dairy farm in the Ozarks. The rural life is a strong element in her books, and humor drives the plots. She has a degree in psychology from Drury University, and has worked as a librarian and as a mental health case worker.

These days, K.D. thinks there is no finer life than to create and share her stories with others. She hopes those stories brighten the lives of her readers.

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