Bender, Volume 3

by David Frizell, Michael Frizell

Book Cover: Bender, Volume 3
ISBN: 978-1-63373-438-8
Pages: 80

This deluxe magazine collects the final three chapters of the Bender saga originally presented in Saddlebag Dispatches in one handsome volume!

In chapter five, “Spirit Guide,” George Lochner and his daughter have gone missing and the trail leads U.S. Marshal William York to the Bender Inn. York senses something troubling with the Inn’s beautiful proprietor, Kate. Her attempts to seduce him are clumsy and obvious, and do nothing to distract him from his investigation. When he vows to return with more men, the Benders disappear. York returns to an abandoned Inn, livestock foundering in the field, and a trail cold as winter.

In chapter six, “Lamentation,” Marshal York unearths a house of horrors. Bodies—some intact, others mutilated or dismembered—are discovered in the garden behind the Bender Inn. Satanic runes are carved in the makeshift basement. George Lochner and his daughter are found in a shallow grave, and evidence determines that the young girl was buried alive with her dead father. Desperate for information, York tortures Kate Bender’s paramour, the hapless Brockman, only to discover he is just a fool in love with a murderess. Charles Ingalls is recruited by locals concerned about discovering the truth behind the Inn while fortune hunters and the U.S. Marshals dismantle the cabin.

In chapter seven, “The Penitent Man,” Charles Ingalls narrates the many theories behind the disappearance of the Bender family. Did they split up? Was that man drunk in a bar really John Bender, Jr.? Are that black widow and her mother really Kate and Ma Bender? Did the Baldknobbers of Missouri stop the family, or did Marshal York, hellbent for vengeance, eventually catch up with their wagon? Are their descendants still out there? Explore the possible fates the America’s first family of serial killers in this final chapter of the saga of the bloody Benders!

Note: The entire saga, volumes one through three, has since been collected in a single volume.

Publisher: Skye

About the Authors

David Frizell

Degreed in both graphics (Bachelor of Science in Technology in Commercial Graphics) and fine arts (Bachelor of Fine Art in Art ), Frizell has practiced professionally since graduation. He became Smithsonian certified in 2007 as a judge for the Sedona Arts Festival and has participated as a mentor to many art field aspirants. His partnerships with production firm TwentyFourCore, Devco Entertainment and Bluewater Productions has fueled a recent onslaught of new and creative material.

Frizell has had art shows in a variety of states nationally and is internationally known for his work with producer TwentyFourCore for Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust and Disturbed and also Devco Entertainment’s Wednesday 13.

Few artists can demonstrate the biomechanical combination of fantasy and reality that DA Frizell represents in his wide range of work. Adept in media ranging from clay and multimedia sculpture to digital and graphite illustrations, he has developed his craft to an esteemed level of skill and proficiency. Frizell’s illustrative methods stretch the imagination to a nearly abhorrent level without crossing the line to tastelessness, yet he attributes his work to childhood imagery and reflection. Fortunately, the associated memories are from monster movies like Frankenstein, Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon that he enjoyed with his family. His father, an artist himself, would often bring home books like Conan or novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs that stimulated Frizell’s imagination. Aside from the most influential person in his life, his father, Michael Frizell, his biggest Art inspirations are: Frank Frazetta, H.R.Giger, Berni Wrightson, Basil Gogos, Al Williamson, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Hajime Sorayama and Olivia.

Frizell’s art emulates the styles that He grew up with. He utilizes an extensive media base to ensure the development of the illustration fits the project at hand. “When I see my planning, research and imagination transform into a well-defined piece of work, the pride and satisfaction I feel from putting my imagination on paper accelerates my convictions to become a more recognizable fixture in the illustrative community.”

Frizell has worked on professional photographs, comic and magazine publications, stage props for live entertainment, Music CD and DVD covers and interiors, Music Video Backgrounds, apparel, temporary tattoos, stickers and a wide range of marketing souvenirs.

“Through my art, I am able to create a bond with musicians, authors and private collectors to give a concrete visual representation to the subject of mine or their imaginations.”

Michael Frizell

Michael Frizell is Deputy Publishing Director and serves as the editor for the Skye, Lee, and Tweed imprints. He holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

He is the writer of Bender: The Graphic Novel, which is being serialized in Saddlebag Dispatches. The story, presented again in two volumes so far, will have a third and final volume out next year. He also edits The Learning Assistance Review, the peer reviewed journal of the National College Learning Center Association, and his creative nonfiction has been published on the National Gallery of Writing, The Good Men Project, Mensweb, Red Ink Journal, The Moon City Review, and others.

He has written staged parodies of Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation for Harvest Moon Productions. His comic strip, Crewman #4: The Adventures of a Red Shirt aboard the USS Enterprise, can be seen on Facebook. He was also a writer for George Cron’s Class Act Productions, where he wrote staged parodies of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a full-length parody of the classic horror film, Jaws.

As a writer with TidalWave, he writes comics based on the lives of the famous and infamous and have been featured on CNN, NBC, Yahoo, MTV, Politico, Reuters, Entertainment Weekly, AdWeek, and many others and have been translated into three languages. Select nonfiction publications include, from the TRIBUTE line: Christopher Reeve (in conjunction with the Reeve Foundation), Jerry Garcia, Bettie Page, Russell Wilson; the FAME line: Prince, Chris Pratt, Liza Minelli, Miley Cyrus; and the POLITICAL POWER line: Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, and many others. Fiction comics include The Secret Life of Bettie Page, a Cold War era sci-fi action graphic novel, and James Dean: Timeless, a sci-fi western series authorized by the James Dean estate.

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