Cardboard Heroes

by JC Crumpton

Cover: Cardboard Heroes

Cardboard Heroes speaks to various aspects of the imagination. Within these pages not only lie tales of an apocalyptic garage sale, an amnesiac with blood on his shoes, and a thief that learns about honor, but also works that wrestle with morality and question societal compliance.

Award-winning author JC Crumpton has collected some of his most-fascinating published fiction and poetry along with new works. Cardboard Heroes contains stories that introduce his science-fiction Lonford Universe as well as the world of faded magic and unremembered history Erad Riliath.

His poetry is accessible, allowing the reader to get lost in the clarity and economy of words to build scenes and vignettes of the lost and struggling. His short fiction takes readers to new and exciting worlds where characters explore places we haven’t since childhood. Cardboard Heroes proves a capable introduction to readers new to the author and a welcome return to those familiar with his work. (190 pages)

Publisher: Liffey

About the Author

Some are born with a silver spoon, but award-winning author JC Crumpton came out of the womb with a pen and a notebook. A cancer survivor, when not writing, reading or working as an analyst, he will often be on the trails or in the gym training for an ultra-marathon or powerlifting-complete with grunts and screams in appropriate places-or volunteering for various charities. Growing up in a range of places from San Diego, California to Iceland and Germany, JC has a broad palette of experiences to utilize in his writing. He has held a myriad of jobs, including fry cook, telemarketer, soccer coach, substitute teacher, and sales analyst, making him a confused if well-rounded person. He received his undergraduate degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Arkansas and worked seven years for a daily newspaper, compiling a list of over 1,000 bylines. Silence in the Garden is JC’s first published novel. More of his work has appeared in Aiofe’s Kiss, Beyond Centauri, The Penwood Review, and Saddlebag Dispatches, among others. He has several projects coming out with Pro Se Press and Oghma Creative Media. He is a proud member of Authors’ Anonymous writing group, the Northwest Arkansas Writers’ Workshop, Storytellers of America, Ozarks Writers’ League, and Ozark Creative Writers.