Distraction: Soul Seer #4


Exhausted after recent battles against both the forces of the evil Puppeteer and a band of Raddies intent on eradicating Magics from the world, Soul Seer Sophie Saterlee and her Coven continue the fight to save her best friend, Kim, and another of their elders from imminent death. Saving them means Sophie could alter her own soul forever, though… or theirs.

In the midst of her struggle, a powerful and mysterious Soul Extractor comes to her aid. He is a man who knows more about her life than he should, but his knowledge and power helps Sophie bring together the Mother Coven against the enemies who have taken over their rightful home of Diluculo in the Creation. The Puppeteer must be destroyed, no matter the price! The only question that remaining is who will pay it, and will it be enough?

Not knowing friend from Puppet, a plan is hatched—one they hope will save Magics and Blind alike. Loyalties are questioned and trust tested as family and allies are used as pawns in a revenge plot calling for extermination of the Puppeteer and his loyal followers at all costs. Sophie, Caine, and Donovan must put aside past deception and work together to save themselves, their friends, and the Mother Coven itself. But some wounds take longer to heal. As long as they move forward and avoid any distraction, they can prevail. But when the scheme goes sideways, Sophie will have to decide whether or not she can live with the consequences of her decisions.

Publisher: Solasta

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