A Short Story

by Gordon Bonnet

Cover: Earthshine

Every day Quine has performed his duties, keeping the settlement running. Every day has been the same — until the day the spaceship crash landed only a quarter-mile away.

The pilot, Kallman Dorn, survived—but this leaves Quine in the position of making the hardest choice he’s ever faced. Does he save Dorn, and risk the consequences of disobeying the most fundamental unbreakable rule he was given? Or does he leave him to die and, in so doing, abandon the nascent impulses growing within? (65 pages)

Publisher: Fleet

About the Author

Gordon Bonnet has been writing fiction for decades. Encouraged when his story Crazy Bird Bends His Beak won critical acclaim in Mrs. Moore’s 1st-grade class at Central Elementary School in St. Albans, West Virginia, he embarked on a long love affair with the written word. His interest in the paranormal goes back almost that far, although it has always been tempered by Gordon’s scientific training. This has led to a strange duality; his work as a skeptic and debunker on the popular blog Skeptophilia, while simultaneously writing paranormal and speculative novels, novellas, and short stories. He blogs daily, but is never without a piece of fiction in progress-driven to continue, as he puts it, “because I want to find out how the story ends.” Stay up to date with Gordon and all his writing and appearances on Facebook, Twitter, or at You’ll also find more great fiction on his writing blog, Tales of Whoa.

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