Fire & Ice


Cover: Fire & Ice

How far would you go for your friends? In the future, man’s knowledge of the quantum universe will grow to the point that we understand every person has an effect on the underlying fabric of our world. The Paleridge Institute was established in secret by the newly-formed world government to teach gifted individuals-metas-how to manipulate that realm, in turn affecting our own. WorldGov thought their secret was safe. But they’re wrong. Celeste Beck arrives unexpectedly at the Top Secret facility, raising troubling questions as to how she came to be there. While awaiting the decision as to her fate, she’s kidnapped. When the investigation zeroes in on Rik Amston, a student the faculty has taken special interest in, he goes after the people intent on framing him. Now everyone’s trying to figure out what’s going on in a world where they think they have all the answers. Soon they discover how wrong they are. (282 pages)

Publisher: Fleet

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