by Gil Miller

Cover: Franchise
Part of the Rural Empires series:

Moving deeper undercover than ever, Lyle Villines now works as a major meth distributor directly for infamous Mexican cartel leader Chapo Guzmán… and the deeper he gets, the more he wants out.

Taking over a territory and running drugs through the flatlands of Kansas is only the beginning, though. Someone’s gunning for Lyle—and hard. Someone who can afford to send teams of trained siccarios—Mexican hit men—to attack him and his operation. Who can find him no matter where he’s at, and will stop at nothing to see him dead. The only way out is forward—until they come after his family. Then all bets are off. When his daughter is crippled for life, Lyle will go to any lengths to get to those responsible. Even if it means trusting Joaquín Guzmán to get him into Mexico after them.

But the danger doesn’t end. Someone close to Lyle is betraying him and it will take another deal with Chappo to take down the traitor. (302 pages)

Publisher: Shannon

About the Author

Gil had a normal upbringing, which means his parents aren’t to blame for him going into crime (fiction). Instead, he blames a steady diet of movies, shows, and books, from Miami Vice and Scarface in the ’80s to Breaking Bad and Justified in the ’00s. To cap it all off, he discovered authors such as Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Don Winslow, and the late, great Elmore Leonard. Gil is a member of the Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop, whose members sometimes wonder where he gets his inspiration. He makes his home outside Fayetteville, where he is at work on the next of his Rural Empires novels.

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