Pink Orchids and Cheeseheads

Further Confessions of April Grace

by KD McCrite

Cover: Pink Orchids and Cheeseheads

An accident on the road. An unexpected marriage.

A slew of long-term, noisy wedding guests from Wisconsin who prefer sports to romance. A new friend who isn’t what she seems, and another one who is more than April Grace could hope for. The summer of 1987 at the Reilly home is off to a rousing, hilarious start to the further and continuing Confessions of April Grace! (276 pages)


About the Author

K.D. McCrite was raised on a small dairy farm in the Ozarks. The rural life is a strong element in her books, and humor drives the plots. She has a degree in psychology from Drury University, and has worked as a librarian and as a mental health case worker.

These days, K.D. thinks there is no finer life than to create and share her stories with others. She hopes those stories brighten the lives of her readers.