Season of Madness

by Prix Gautney

Cover: Season of Madness
Part of the Evershade series:

A BRUTAL PLAGUE CREATURES call “The Madness” ravages the countryside, and the infected are starting to cross Evershade’s borders. The Walnut Keepers have their own troubles, however—the king has fallen ill with the fever, and the sickness is spreading throughout the community. Last season’s drought robbed them of the herbs needed to treat the fever, and if they can’t find alternatives, the illness will take the Keepers’ lives long before the plague does.

When one of their own is bitten by an infected squirrel, things take an even nastier turn. The infected are now wandering into Evershade in droves, searching for easy prey. While the Keepers try to save their fallen friend, Roan, Evershade’s imposing Watcher, must find a way to cure the sickness and protect their home from the swarm of infected who are bent on hunting them. And the only way to do it is to hunt the infected themselves.

But will the community of peaceful woodland creatures take up the spear once again to protect their beloved home, or will they cast their fate to the stars and let the Madness take them once and for all?
(246 pages)

Publisher: Lee

About the Author

Prix Gautney lives on a small farm in southern Missouri with her daughter and son. She writes full-time and is an active member of the Mid South Writers group. In her spare moments, she enjoys gardening, photography, and “gofossarsquatching”—searching for gold, fossils, arrowheads, and Sasquatch. She became a writer because her only access to books as a child was through the Bookmobile that visited her school and the classroom Scholastic book catalogs. The lack of a library in her elementary school drove her to write her own stories, and she is currently working on the fourth novel in the Evershade series. She plans to write until she dies.

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