The 12th Dimension


The 12th Dimension cover

Even the planet has secrets.

Noman Pepper wakes from a cold sleep on Sedonea, a planet he’s never heard of. Standing over him is a woman. He accepts her help, but learns, as he adapts to his new life, that Sedonea holds its own mysteries.

Among them is sedmyr, the energy the inhabitants conjure at will. And who is the alluring stranger claiming to be his wife? He was never married. The questions keep piling up, and there are no easy answers.

Before he can come to grips, his past comes knocking. The Andromish, who’d attacked the space station he worked at, followed him, and waste no time bombarding his new home. Pepper signs on with the Knights of Sedonea to strike back. But they won’t go down easy. They have technology and abilities even the Sedoneans have never imagined.

Faced with losing everything he finds another aspect of himself slipping away. His memories. In their place different recollections begin to surface. Suddenly friend and foe aren’t so obvious. If he wants to unravel these questions, he’ll have to turn inward. But he’ll also need to reach out to those around him, trusted or not.

Everyone has their own agenda in this war, and Pepper must keep his wits about him when every revelation undermines his place in the universe. Awash in foggy memories and an invisible web of motives, nothing is clear—not even his own identity.

Who is he? The answer to this question will be the turning point in the struggle between the Sedoneans and the Andromish. A struggle with the planet and all its life at stake. When the dust settles, Sedonea will be changed forever.

Publisher: Fleet