The Reckoning

by Darrel Sparkman

Cover: The Reckoning

Twelve riveting short stories from a rising star in western fiction…

After penning three thrilling adventures set on the American frontier, critically-acclaimed author Darrel Sparkman turns his considerable talent to a new subject. In this never-before-seen collection of short stories, Sparkman explores the legends and themes that defined the Old West and captured the imagination of a nation for generations.

A cowboy gets more than he bargained for when he rescues a young woman from the Comanches who kidnapped her in “Comanche Moon.” A jaded gunslinger runs into a young buck eager to show him up in “Latigo,” and gives him a comeuppance he doesn’t expect. In “Red-Headed Trouble,” a young man thought he’d seen some mad women in his short life, but finds more than he bargained for after meeting a breathtaking ginger… and the five other women of her family. A former Confederate soldier is forced from his home at the hands of a greedy Union carpetbagger, only to discover home isn’t always where you own land in the hilarious yet tender “Who Shot Jesus?” Finally, young Billy Tyler may be country poor and shy on book learning, but he isn’t about to be stampeded into a fight on someone else’s terms in “The Reckoning.”

Possessed of a keen eye and sharp pen, Sparkman delivers a captivating take on the West and its many characters, making The Reckoning a must-have addition to any Western library. (210 pages)

Publisher: Galway

About the Author

Darrel Sparkman resides in Southwest Missouri with his wife. Their three children and eleven grandchildren live nearby. His hobbies include gardening, golfing, and writing. In the past, Darrel served four years in the United States Navy, including seven months in Vietnam as a combat search & rescue helicopter crewman. He also served nineteen years as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician, worked as a professional photographer, computer repair tech, and was owner and operator of a greenhouse and flower shop. Darrel is currently retired and self-employed. He finally has that job that wakes you up every day with a smile.


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