Me & Miss Henrietta

by Crow Johnson Evans

Cover: Me & Miss Henrietta

The best of friends are often found in the most unexpected places.

Miss Henrietta, a cranky recluse who lives in the Ozark backwoods, and Lillian, an eleven-year-old girl, become friends despite their rock-throwing, bone-chilling introduction. Miss Henrietta doesn’t like people—especially kids—and Lil fears the old woman is the Woodsy Witch rumored to live in that holler.

Both their lives are changed by a series of hilarious adventures, disasters, and impossible situations. Whether rescuing Lillian’s brother from dreadful Aunt Bertha in Oklahoma, yelling down a black bear, understanding problematic parents, scaring the pee out of Great Unknown, dancing for tips at the farmers’ market, learning French, cooking on an open fire, or pondering the meaning of love, Miss Henrietta has a bizarre and crusty way of looking at life. Half the time, Lillian believes the ol’ woodsy woman is truly crazy because of belief in magic and wild tales of world travel. Lillian earns Miss Henrietta’s respect and admiration by her perseverance and fearlessness in challenging the logic of anyone or anything.

Together they make sense of the world and find a sense of kinship neither anticipated.

Publisher: Lee

About the Author

Award winning songwriter/performer, Crow Johnson Evans is passionate about apparently disparate fields—Writing books, studying zoology, songwriting, performance, teaching workshops, spinning wool, weaving, sketching, bird watching, and travel.

“I’m obsessed with nature and its interplay in human life and dreams. Every thing truly is connected. The challenge for me is to honor and to express it with all the color, sound, and texture of the present tense.”

Her first book, “Flights of Fancy” is a collection of essays, short stories, memoir, lyrics, a novella and other pieces.

For Oghma Publishing, she is completing a YA novel about a young girl who becomes friends with an old, reclusive, and extremely quirky woman. Their adventures are hair raising, alarming, and funny. Their conversations and dilemmas change each of their lives.

Her second project for Oghma is a series of children’s picture books about bird watching —through the eyes of children living at the eco lodges. “The Bird People are Coming- to Sulawesi” will be the first of six books.

She and her husband, Arthur, live in Northwest Arkansas, and enjoy wilderness, laughing too much, good friends, and eco-touring.

A founding board member of the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Crow celebrates the fire of creativity that writers, artists, and musicians—given the space and time—live to kindle.