Bigfoot Mamas

by Pamela Foster

Cover: Bigfoot Mamas
Part of the Bigfoot (Foster) series:

At thirty-two, Samantha has hit her stride. Most days, she splits her time between keeping up her hole-in-the-wall waterfront bar and managing the Humboldt County Bigfoot Hunters. Throw in her rambunctious twin daughters, Victoria and Dharma, and her gentle giant husband, Bubba, and you have a woman with her hands full. You couldn’t call it an ordinary life, but it’s stable and happy. Still waters, however, often run deep. When an all-too-human specter from the past shows up, Sam and her oddball band of friends—including the tall, hairy, forest-dwelling ones—are confronted with a monster of a very different kind. As the darkness grows and threatens to destroy them all, they’re faced with a choice. Can they put their differences behind them and fight together for what they love? Or are some scars just too deep to be forgotten?

With a voice as unique and lyric as Steinbeck’s, Pamela Foster paints her native California Redwood Country as a living, breathing part of her story and everything in it. You’ll take every step through the mists and ancient forests with Samantha and her motley crew, feel every cold shiver, see every stunning vista. With a natural flair for understanding the ties that bind us, Bigfoot Mamas weaves a touching, complex tale of love, healing, and redemption, and answers the age-old question of just how far a mother will go to protect her children. (234 pages)

Publisher: Foyle

About the Author

Pamela Foster lives in her hometown of Eureka, California in the coastal fog and rain of the west coast. A popular speaker and award winning author of contemporary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs and a collection of essays, Foster is currently working on a book of essays about caring for her husband as, together, they deal with the long-term, human costs of war.