Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Oghma Creative Media is accepting submissions for 2022.

At this time we are only accepting submissions by agents and authors who have previously published with us.

    • Who We Are:

      Oghma Creative Media is a traditional publisher who considers our authors partners in an author/publisher relationship. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our authors and artists. We are not a vanity press, subsidy, or hybrid publisher.  We pay all costs of publishing and distribution. We pay our authors royalties based on net sales of their books. We encourage our authors to maintain a current author webpage and Twitter account as a tool to promote positive materials (their books, blogs, visuals) which are suitable for all.

Oghma Press (Fiction/Non-fiction):

    • What We’re Looking For
      • We welcome any form of original fiction and non-fiction and we have multiple imprints that can be a home for your work. We want to tell good stories and share those stories with others.  We prefer working with authors who submit either multiple completed books—be they stand-alone or in a series or shared universe—or a proposal for such. We ask that at least four completed manuscripts in a new series is ready before the first one enters the production process. We will work with you on this. We are not interested at this time in novellas or novelettes. The minimum word count for novel consideration is 60,000 words.

Fiction (Oghma Press):

        • Western Fiction:
          • Own voice Indigenous or diverse population;
          • Narratives, contemporary, and traditional or non-traditional westerns.
        • Historical Fiction:
            • Own voice Indigenous or diverse population;
            • Military, nautical, or crime/outlaw.
        • Romance and Mainstream Fiction:
            • Contemporary Romance (New Adult, LGBTQ+, sweet or spicy);
            • Mainstream, romantic, or women’s comedies, historical romance, and romantic thrillers.
        • Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Fiction:
            • Space opera, epic fantasy, and supernatural/horror thrillers, and climate-based fiction;
            • Particularly interested in trilogies or series following the same characters.
        • Crime, Thriller & Mystery Fiction:
            • Espionage & spies, crime, police procedurals, and military thrillers.

Non-Fiction (Arbroath Abbey Press):

        • Military and historical, Biography, Entertainment (music, television, etc.), Body, Mind & Spirit.
        • Books for parents and/or educators.
    • Children’s Genre:
      • Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult
      • Go to Young Dragon Press ( Children’s Division of Oghma Creative Media)

How To Submit Your Work (email submissions only):

    • We only accept electronic submissions.
        • Please send a cover letter and a one-page synopsis of the work within the body of the email (merge these two documents in the body of the email).
        • Send the manuscript as an attachment with the email.
        • Please put SUBMISSION: Title/Author Name in the subject line.
        • Submission should be to:
      • The Cover Letter:
          • Please provide information about yourself and who referred you to us.
          • Be sure to mention your publishing history or relevant background information.
          • Other information should include (but is not limited to) why you wrote the manuscript and the genesis of the idea for the manuscript. 
          • Include all your social media addresses (website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any others)
          • Also, include a short synopsis of any sequels or follow-up projects you would like our Acquisitions Board to consider.
            • One-page synopsis should include:
              • your manuscript title
              • the manuscript’s word count.
              • basic summary of the story,
              • all the major plotlines,
              • the major character (or characters).
        • The Manuscript:
            • The manuscript should be submitted in Word format (.doc, .docx), and the filename should include only the Title/Author Name.
            • All manuscripts should be formatted in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins and a .22” first-line indent.
            • Blind submission format is used for consideration, please do not include the author’s name in headers in your submission or anywhere except the Title Page.
            • Submissions that fail to follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
    • Consideration:
        • Please allow eight to twelve weeks for consideration.
        • If you have questions about your submission or need to make a change (a different email address, change of name, or you sent us the wrong file), put “QUERY” at the beginning of the subject line of the email.
        • If for any reason you need to withdraw your submission, please email us as soon as possible with “WITHDRAW” at the beginning of the subject line.
        • Due to time constraints, we cannot provide critiques on manuscripts that are not accepted.
        • If your manuscript is accepted for publication, please allow six to eight weeks for our Business Department to follow up with you regarding your contract.
    • If you’re one of our established writers within the Oghma family, and you have a new idea, please submit it through the submissions email with the subject line PROPOSAL: Title/Author.
      • If you feel that you need to speak to someone about your proposal, contact Acquisitions Director, Dennis Doty, via our contact form.