Cove of Last Impressions by A J Aalto
Last Impressions
Book Cover: Kari the Lucky
Kari the Lucky
Book Cover: Sierra Hotel
Sierra Hotel
Book Cover: Only A Moment Ago
Only A Moment Ago
Book Cover: The Lonely Lady
The Lonely Lady
Book Cover: Sycamore Promises
Sycamore Promises
Cover: Texas Lightning by Dusty Richards
Texas Lightning
Book Cover: White and Black
White and Black
Book Cover: The Betrayers
The Betrayers
Cover: Fear No Colors
Fear No Colors
Cover - Quote the Endling by Velma Brotherton
Quote the Endling
Cover: Friends Call Me Bat
Friends Call Me Bat
Cover: Death Rejoices
Death Rejoices
Cover of The Bravados
The Bravados
Cover: Gray Wolf by R. L. Adare
Gray Wolf
Cover: Grasshoppers in Summer
Grasshoppers in Summer
Cover: Slings & Arrows by Gordon Bonnet
Slings & Arrows
Out & About - cover
Out and About
Cover: Hard Times by Darrel Sparkman
Hard Times
Cover: The Deep End
The Deep End
Cover: The Obituary Collector
The Obituary Collector
Cover of The Barons by Parris Afton Bonds
The Barons
Cover: Whistling in the Dark
Whistling in the Dark
Clueless Gringos in Paradise - cover
Clueless Gringos in Paradise
Cover: Distraction by S.J. Cairns
Distraction: Soul Seer #4
Cover: The Brigands
The Brigands
Cover: Room for Wrath
Room for Wrath
Bound by Earth cover
Bound by Earth
Cover: Touched
The 12th Dimension cover
The 12th Dimension
Book Cover: The Most Intangible Thing
The Most Intangible Thing
Cover: Range War of Callie County
Range War of Callie County
Cover: Animal Sacrifice
Animal Sacrifice
Cover: Soldier's Heart
Soldier's Heart
Two Blankets cover
Two Blankets
Book Cover: The Betsy
The Betsy
Cover: The Shambles
The Shambles
Cover: Blue Roan Colt
Blue Roan Colt
Cover: Mustang
Book Cover: When the Heart Is Right
When the Heart Is Right
Cover: Dark Horizon
Dark Horizon
Book Cover: Past Imperfect
Past Imperfect
Cover: Waltzing with Tumbleweeds: A Collection of Western Short Stories Read My rating: 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars [ 5 of 5 stars ] PreviewWaltzing with Tumbleweeds
Waltzing with Tumbleweeds
Cover: Division - Soul Seer Chronicles #3)
Division: Soul Seer #3
Cover: Man on the Fringe
Man on the Fringe
Cover: A Crow to Pluck
A Crow to Pluck
Cover: Fail to the Chief
Fail to the Chief
Cover: Lines of Sight
Lines of Sight
Cover: The Adventurers
The Adventurers
Zekial cover
Book Cover: A Fire in Canaan
A Fire in Canaan
Limestone County cover
Limestone County
The Gascony Letters cover
The Gascony Letters
Spitballs From the Back Row cover
Spitballs From the Back Row
Hard Truth cover
Hard Truth
Cover: Back Then
Back Then
Cover: Learning Centers in the 21st Century
Learning Centers in the 21st Century
Face Value cover
Face Value
The Fall of Hermitage House cover
The Fall of Hermitage House
Spellbinder cover
Cover: Tortured Soul
Tortured Soul
Cover: Clementine: A Song for the End of the World
Cover: The Fifth Day
The Fifth Day
Chrysalis - cover
Book Cover: Deception: Soul Seer #2
Deception: Soul Seer #2
Book Cover: Discovery: Soul Seer Chronicles #1
Discovery: Soul Seer Chronicles #1
Book Cover: Time and Time Again: The Curious Case of Mr. Stephen White
Time and Time Again: The Curious Case of Mr. Stephen White
cover: Noisy Creek
Noisy Creek
The Dead Letter Office cover
The Dead Letter Office
Acqeli cover
Cover: A Trial by Error
A Trial by Error
Cover: Montana Legacy
Montana Legacy
Skipping Rocks on Water
Skipping Rocks on Water
Cover: Murderous
Cover: Montana Destiny
Montana Destiny
Cover: Cardboard Heroes
Cardboard Heroes
Bent but not Broken cover
Bent But Not Broken
Cover: The Shepherd
The Shepherd
Cover: Where Love Has Gone
Where Love Has Gone
Bound by Honor cover
Bound by Honor
Cover: After The Fall
After The Fall
Cover: Mexican Skies
Mexican Skies
Cover: Body Armor
Body Armor
Cover: Spree
Poison The Well
Poison the Well
Sights, Signs, and Shadows cover
Sights, Signs, and Shadows
Cover: The Reckoning
The Reckoning
Cover: 79 Park Avenue
79 Park Avenue
Cover: The Tell-Tale Stone
The Tell-Tale Stone
Cover: Masque of the Rising Moon
Masque of the Rising Moon
Shortgrass - cover
Cover: Silence in the Garden
Silence in the Garden
Cover: Signal to Noise
Signal to Noise
Cover: Montana Fire
Montana Fire
Cover: Valuable Treasures
Valuable Treasures
Cover: Common Cause
Common Cause
Book Cover: Abilene Stage
Abilene Stage
Cover: Back to Bremen
Back to Bremen
Affections Not Sleeping cover
Affections Not Sleeping
Cover: Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground
Cover: Montana Dreams
Montana Dreams
Cover: Municipal Tilt
Municipal Tilt
Cover: Gold in the Sun by Dusty Richards
Gold in the Sun
Cover: Remembrance
Cover: The Dream Merchants
The Dream Merchants
Cover: Bigfoot Mamas
Bigfoot Mamas
Cover: Montana Treasures
Montana Treasures
Cover: Pride and Fall
Pride and Fall
Cover: Gears
Cover: Footprints in the Snow
Footprints in the Snow
Cover: Montana Promises
Montana Promises
Cover: Franchise
Cover: The Cherokee Strip by Dusty Richards
The Cherokee Strip
Cover: The Palimpsest
The Palimpsest
Tin Hollow cover
Tin Hollow
Cover: Osage Dawn
Osage Dawn
Cover: Earthshine
Cover: One Last Image
One Last Image
Book Cover: A Funeral Ain’t the Place
A Funeral Ain’t the Place
Cover: Field of Strong Men
Field of Strong Men / Jack and Jill
Cover: Jailbreak
Cover: Saturday Night Bushwhack
Saturday Night Bushwhack
Cover: Bigfoot Blues
Bigfoot Blues
Cover: Mind Control
Mind Control
The Texas Badge cover
The Texas Badge
Cover: Stupid humans
Stupid Humans
Cover: Ghost Radio
Ghost Radio
Cover: The Promise
The Promise
Cover - Out of a Job, Not Earning a Dime
Out of a Job, Not Earning a Dime
Cover: Last Ride to Devil's Hole
Last Ride to Devil’s Hole
Cover: Fingernail Moon
Fingernail Moon
Cover: Riding the Shortgrass Country
Riding the Shortgrass Country
Cover: Never Love a Stranger
Never Love A Stranger
Cover: The Pit and the Penance
The Pit and the Penance
Cover: The Natural
The Natural
Cover: Sephirot
Cover: The Hourglass
The Hourglass
Cover: Spirit Trail
Spirit Trail
Book Cover: Fallen
Cover: Startup
The Mustanger and the Lady
The Mustanger and the Lady
Cover: Beyond the Trailhead
Beyond The Trailhead
Cover: A Temporary Thing
A Temporary Thing
Southampton Chronicle cover
The Southampton Chronicle
The Rubicon cover
The Rubicon
Cover: Lock & Key
Lock & Key
The Pride of Texas cover
The Pride of Texas
cover: Sacred Alarm Clock
Sacred Alarm Clock
Cover: A Savage Grace
A Savage Grace
Cover: Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart
Book Cover: Losing Cotton
Losing Cotton
Bayou Jesus
Bayou Jesus
Cover: Seven Devils
Seven Devils
Cover: Kill Switch
Kill Switch
Cover: A Bride for Gil
A Bride for Gil
Cover: Type and Cross
Type and Cross
Book Cover: Living Behind Time
Living Behind Time
Cover: Beyond the Moon
Beyond The Moon
Cover: The Purloined Skull
The Purloined Skull
Book Cover: The Cherokee Strip (Second Edition)
The Cherokee Strip (Second Edition)