Dark Horizon

by Michael David

Cover: Dark Horizon

The Pearl of Spirituality Shines Brightest Amidst the Heart of Darkness.

Darkness haunts Sherry Whittington. To the outside world, she's a typical thirty-seven-year old woman. Inwardly, she battles schizophrenia, but when Sherry discovers she is also psychically gifted, it is one more burden she must endure.

Cadence McShane is an FBI remote viewer on a covert mission in West Texas trying to find an ancient crystal capable of mass destruction. When the search leads him to Sherry, Cadence is stunned when she intuits his true identity but he quickly exploits her psychic ability to his advantage.

Together, driven by a chemistry neither of them can deny, Cadence and Sherry race to uncover the crystal before domestic terrorists can use it in on U.S. soil. The pair's every move is being anticipated by the terrorist group’s strong arm, Morda, a sadistic hermaphrodite who feeds upon chaos.

Sherry is no match for Morda or his twisted obsession of wreaking havoc upon all those that enter his path. Armed with only childlike spiritual guidance and the backfiring curses of a vengeful psychic, Sherry must accept and embrace her new ability if she and Cadence are to overcome Morda and reach the crystal first.

Drawing readers into a compelling and twisted world dominated by deceit and intrigue, Dark Horizon introduces a sadistic villain battling a damaged heroine struggling with her own sanity and faith. (197 pages)


About the Author

Michael David graduated from West Texas A&M in 1988 with honors, earning a BBA in Finance. For the next two years, he worked as an assistant examiner for the F.D.I.C. during the banking crisis of the late 80’s.

However, Michael heeded the call of becoming a writer and quit his job as an assistant bank examiner in 1990. He found a job in Amarillo, Texas working with people with disabilities and began writing.

He is the author of five novels and two screenplays, and is currently under contract with Oghma Creative Media for three manuscripts.

Michael is now retired, and resides with his wife in Amarillo, Texas, where he is an active member of the writing community.