Fingernail Moon

A Short Story

by Pamela Foster

Cover: Fingernail Moon

Soldiers killed his family and imprisoned Montega and his sister, Niabi, with the Black Robes. While Montega struggled to preserve his Osage spirit amidst beatings and teachings about the dead god of the white man, his sister Niabi had terrors of her own to endure. On a crescent moon night, the boy asked the spirit of his ancestors for help, gathered his sister and made his last run toward freedom. The escape went bad from its first moments and a white man lie dead on the floor of a dirty barn. The children ran for their freedom, for their souls, for their very lives. (31 pages)

Publisher: Galway

About the Author

Pamela Foster lives in her hometown of Eureka, California in the coastal fog and rain of the west coast. A popular speaker and award winning author of contemporary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs and a collection of essays, Foster is currently working on a book of essays about caring for her husband as, together, they deal with the long-term, human costs of war.