Ghost Radio

A Clementine Novella

by John T. Biggs

Cover: Ghost Radio
Part of the Clementine series:

When Clementine goes into a trance and predicts WWIII at a meeting of a rural spiritualist church, the congregation is convinced she is a prophet with a direct connection to the other side.

Carl, a scientist with a nearby secret lab, has other ideas. He’s certain she has a special kind of epilepsy that opens a previously unknown channel of communication—just the thing he needs to produce clones who’ll be the key to the survival of the human race. But first, he has to “get a close up look at Clem’s fascinatin’ little brain.”

It sounds like she’s about to become some kind of lab rat, but Clementine narrowly escapes him the night the atomic bombs start falling. None close enough to set her little corner of the world on fire, but cities go up in smoke and modern technology is ruined forever‚ no power, no transportation, no communication. Through it all, Clem she stays one step ahead of Carl and the ragged survivors of the holocaust.

After a few months of close calls and near disasters, though, Clem knows she can’t keep running. Her only way out is to meet Carl face to face. If he wins, it might mean the end of Clementine. If she wins, it might mean the end of the world… (80 pages)

Publisher: Fleet