When the Heart Is Right

by Parris Afton Bonds

Book Cover: When the Heart Is Right

When Washington D.C. socialite Alessandra O’Quinn is diagnosed with tuberculosis, she must face certain death at home, or leave everything she knows to seek a cure in the dry desert air of New Mexico.

Arriving at her new home, Alessandra is introduced to the local Taos Indians. Most importantly, she is introduced to shaman Manuel Mondragon. Renowned among his people as a leader and a healer, Man is handsome, intriguing… and promised to a young Taos Indian girl.

Man informs Alessandra her sickness is caused by her spirit. As she learns how to heal her body, Alessandra finds herself fighting to save her true self, as well as her heart.

In 1920s New Mexico, these aren’t the only battles she will fight. With Alessandra’s connections and knowledge of politics, she joins the local people in the fight against the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the rights to Blue Lake, where the tribe believes their ancient culture was created out of the sacred waters. As a place of ritual worship, the lake is essential to their religion and everyday life.

Set against the rich cultural background of the Taos Indians, this story of politics, male domination, racism, and love against all odds will capture your attention from the very first page until the unanticipated ending.


Publisher: Lagan

About the Author

PARRIS AFTON BONDS is the mother of five sons and the author of close to fifty published novels. She is the co-founder and first vice president of Romance Writers of America, as well as, co founder of Southwest Writers Workshop.

Declared by ABC’s NIGHTLINE as one of three best-selling authors of romantic fiction, the award-winning Parris Afton Bonds has been featured in major newspapers and magazines, as well as, published in more than a dozen languages.

The Parris Award was established in her name by the Southwest Writers Workshop to honor a published writer who has given outstandingly of time and talent to other writers. Prestigious recipients of the Parris Award include Tony Hillerman and the Pulitzer nominee Norman Zollinger.

She donates spare time teaching creative writing to both grade school children and female inmates, whom she considers her captive audiences.

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