Bob Giel

Bob Giel was born in New York City and now lives in New Jersey. Throughout his life, he has spent time in the East and Midwest, but has never resided in any area that could be termed the West, a bit strange for someone who writes Westerns. However, having loved the Western Genre since he was a kid, he has absorbed so much of the period through books, movies and TV that he feels as if he has been there. The colors, sounds and images stay vividly enough in his mind that he can believe he has experienced them.

The grit and the determination of the people who carved a way of life out of the frontier have helped shape the way Bob lives his life. Because of that era, he keeps his word, he finishes what he starts and he is a true friend. While he was always interested in writing, life got in the way, that is, until he retired. With the decks cleared, he began writing and never looked back.

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Cover: A Crow to Pluck
A Crow to Pluck

Series: Shawnee

Book Cover: Shawnee