Oghma Creative Media is home to some of the hottest new authors as well as many seasoned veterans. Our books span a wide variety of genres, all of which are available through one of our imprints. Click the imprint banners below to check them out or type an author or title into the search bar.

Shannon Press

Can’t get enough adrenaline in your fiction? Shannon Press, Oghma Creative Media’s Thriller/Mystery imprint, is the new publishing destination for indie horror, suspense, and thrillers of every stripe.


Fleet Press

Fleet Press is Oghma Creative Media’s science-fiction/fantasy imprint, publishing cutting-edge science-fiction and fantasy titles by the some of the finest emerging authors in the genres.


Foyle Press

Foyle Press is Oghma Creative Media’s mainstream imprint. Call it what you will—literary light or general fiction — mainstream novels are a blend of literary and genre fiction, mixing insight-heavy prose with compelling characters and a plot-driven story.


Liffey Press

Liffey Press is Oghma Creative Media’s literary imprint. Brooding. Intelligent. Complex. If it’s the literary experience you seek, you’ve come to the right place.

Iridium Press

Prefer the classics? Iridium Press is an homage to great authors of the past.

Skye Press

Skye Press is an independent publisher of entertaining and hard-hitting new graphic novels.


Galway Press

Galway Press is Oghma Creative Media’s western imprint. Saddle up, partner! Classic to contemporary, hit the trail with a good, old-fashioned Western.


Lee Press

Lee Press produces top-quality indie fiction for children and young adults. From early readers to young adults, Lee Press is committed to the publication of age-appropriate, top-quality fiction for children of all ages.


Meath Press

Meath Press produces quality non-fiction titles on everything from politics to archeology and everything in between.


Tiree Press

Tiree Press is Oghma Creative Media’s historical imprint. We publish popular novels from some of the best and brightest rising authors worldwide. We are the new paradigm for historical fiction from recent to medieval, top-flight historical fiction exploring the realms of the past.

Lagan Press

Lagan Press is Oghma Creative Media’s romance imprint. Home of Happily Ever Afters (or at least Happy For Nows). From contemporary to historical, paranormal to thrillers, the heroine finds love against all odds. Looking for something wilder? Visit County Down, Oghma Creative Media’s erotic imprint.


County Down Press

County Down Press is our Erotica imprint. We produce quality, indie erotica titles from the industry’s most talented new authors. County Down—where romance gets steamy. For less explicit romances, visit Lagan Press.


Tweed Press

Tweed Press is Oghma Creative Media’s poetry imprint. Prefer verse to prose? The comfort of meter and rhyme? We’re a discerning publisher of poetry chapbooks and anthologies from both new and established authors.


Limerick Press

There once were some books from Oghma
On subjects from sci-fi to dogma
They hoped they would sell
Because some were funny as hell
Especially the ones from Limerick Press