A Trial by Error

by Susan Eschbach

Cover: A Trial by Error
Part of the Fringe Cycle series:

“On The Fringe of the Milky Way, freedom is fleeting.”

Dahvin Tave faces an uncertain future. Shot down by a team of Alliance Enforcers on The Fringe of the Milky Way and charged with the murder of the wealthiest, most influential man on planet Gehren, Dahvin is convinced he’s been targeted as a scapegoat for a political assassination. He’d never been to Gehren and never met the man.

Aboard the Enforcer ship transporting him to trial, he is befriended by Tessianna D’Tieri, one of two officers who shot him. The two develop a deep connection in spite of his distrust for authority and regulations prohibiting her from fraternization with prisoners. He is desperate to find a way to escape. She is determined to save him.

Logs from his interstellar freighter and a visit to the murder scene dredge up long-suppressed, terrifying memories and force him to face his involvement with the victim. Will the investigator in charge of the case prove his innocence, or cave to pressure from his superior to prove Dahvin is guilty?

One person holds the key. (274 pages)

Publisher: Fleet

About the Author

I grew up in Kansas City in a loving and traditional home. My writing career began in elementary school as reporter for the 4-H club. My mother was great at pushing me into things, and when I was in high school she suggested I contact the editor of the Kansas City Times Youth Page about submitting articles. I thought she was nuts, but I got the job and contributed on a regular basis. The writing skills I learned in youth proved useful in a
succession of jobs throughout my life.

In 2008 I embarked on my first novel at the insistence of a close friend and members of the Mid South Writers Group. Because of my journalistic background, I was convinced writing fiction would be easy. Boy was I ever wrong. It only took eight years to get it right.

I am married and have two sons, the younger of whom is pursuing his own writing career, while the older one is dabbling in poetry. We share our home with a dog and five cats. Or they share their home with us. I’m never quite sure.