Man on the Fringe


Cover: Man on the Fringe
Part of the Fringe Cycle series:

On the Fringe, what you find may not be what you seek.

INTERSTELLAR PILOT Dahvin Tave leaves behind his routine life and true love, Tessiana d’Tieri, to return to The Fringe, the lawless region of space at the edge of the Milky Way. He has a new ship, a new crew, and a secret goal—to hunt down the aliens who enslaved him as a child and annihilate them.

There’s only one problem... he has to reach his destination first.

From the moment they begin their voyage, Dahvin and his shipmates deal with assassins, pirates, radiation storms, a crash landing, and a load of mysteriously exploding cargo.

But not all the dangers on The Fringe come from space. One of his crew has a secret that puts New Freedom squarely in the midst of a vicious planetary civil war. Worse yet, Tess’s ship has been ensnared, as well, and faces destruction in a space battle of epic proportions.

As Dahvin races across the cosmos in this hour of crisis, he’ll have to make a gutwrenching decision—save his ship and his crew, or rescue the love of his life from certain death.

(307 pages)

Publisher: Fleet