Animal Sacrifice


Max Joplin was living his dream. A great job that was the envy of others, in a high-profile law enforcement company, under the sunny skies of Florida. Until he blew the whistle on illegal practices within the organization. Suddenly, he found himself in protective custody with the FBI and blacklisted from employment with agencies across the country.

When an old friend helps him secure a new job in a place far removed from the beaches of Miami, he’s immediately saddled with a partner he isn’t sure he can trust and a case unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Adding to the chaos, his new artificial intelligence assistant is becoming annoyingly independent, and there’s Doctor Roxie Mann—an assistant ME who seems to be interested in more than a professional relationship with Max.

As the bizarre murders stack up, and new obstacles are thrown in his path, Max wonders if the people at his new job aren’t somehow connected to his old bosses—until his partner becomes one of the victims.

New job, new AI, new murders, new romance, and old problems rearing their heads all add up to more complications than he’s sure he can handle.
As the stakes rise and the bodies pile up, Max isn’t sure who he can trust or which way to turn—except that everything he’s seeing points back to a company that is supposed to be defunct but appears to be very much in business.

And getting away with murder.

Publisher: Stirling

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