Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory

by Paul Colt

Book Cover: Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory

Myths. Men. Legends. George S. Patton. John J. Pershing. Pancho Villa. Three larger-than-life figures thrown together in a dusty corner of overlooked history known as the Mexican Punitive Expedition.

It is nothing less than the end of an era. Patton—a junior cavalry officer years before he becomes the war hero tank commander so famously portrayed by George C. Scott—confronts the new realities of twentieth-century warfare. The traditional cavalry missions of reconnaissance and communications are being taken over by the Army’s fledgling air service and the promise of wireless communications. Modern ballistics render the saber—and the horse cavalry itself—obsolete as a fighting force. The prospects for the glorious martial career Patton has been bred for seem all but lost... until the venerable horse soldiers are called out for one last fight.

General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing recognizes young Patton’s frustration and knows the army is ill-prepared for the conflict brewing in Europe. It will need officers of Patton’s stripe. He takes the lieutenant under his wing and mentors him with the assurance “time and invention” will lead him to new purpose. It is the turning point that saves Patton’s military career and a bond that will leave a lasting imprint on American military history.

Exhaustively-researched and packed with action, Will Rogers Medallion-winning author Paul Colt brings his story to life with the gritty authenticity of a master storyteller. Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory is a triumph that will stay with you long after the bugler calls retreat.

About the Author

Paul Colt’s critically acclaimed historical fiction crackles with authenticity. His analytical insight, investigative research and genuine horse sense bring history to life. His characters walk off the pages of history in a style that blends Jeff Shaara’s historical dramatizations with Robert B. Parker’s gritty dialogue. Paul Colt History entertains and informs. Paul’s Grasshoppers in Summer, and Friends Call Me Bat are Western Writers of America Spur Award honorees. Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory received the Marilyn Brown Novel Award, presented by Utah Valley University.

“Pick-up a Paul Colt book, you can’t put it down.”

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