Grasshoppers in Summer

by Paul Colt

Cover: Grasshoppers in Summer

On December 21, 1866, Red Cloud and a band of Oglala Lakota and Cheyenne warriors defeated a U.S. Army force led by Captain William J. Fetterman. The Fetterman defeat ended Red Cloud’s war for control of the Bozeman Trail with the signing of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. President Ulysses S. Grant came to office the following year on a reform platform that included Indian peace policy.

Grasshoppers in Summer tells the epic story of making and breaking the Fort Laramie Treaty as seen through the eyes of opposing political, military, and tribal leaders. Relentless fraud, corruption, cultural and political pressures frustrated Grant’s effort to reform Indian policy. A conspiracy of military, railroad, and mining interests destroyed the Fort Laramie Treaty, leading to the drumbeat of war. The plains tribes’ last great victory at Greasy Grass would win the bitter spoils of total defeat.

“They came from the land of the Great Father, as many as grasshoppers in summer. With them the spirits of the people were driven from the land.”

-- Autumn Snow, Tsitsistas (Cheyenne)

Publisher: Tiree
Reviews:Spur Award winning author Dusty Richards on "A Question of Bounty: The Shadow of Doubt" wrote:

Done with authority. I bought it as history.

Publisher’s Weekly on "Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory" wrote:

Colt’s sweeping and historically vivid portrayal of the punitive expedition…makes this novel an exciting and stunning success.

Kirk Elllis, Spur Award- winning author wrote:

Paul Colt understands that the secret to good historical fiction is a firm grounding in the facts and a lively sense of character and period.

About the Author

Paul Colt’s critically acclaimed historical fiction crackles with authenticity. His analytical insight, investigative research and genuine horse sense bring history to life. His characters walk off the pages of history in a style that blends Jeff Shaara’s historical dramatizations with Robert B. Parker’s gritty dialogue. Paul Colt History entertains and informs. Paul’s Grasshoppers in Summer, and Friends Call Me Bat are Western Writers of America Spur Award honorees. Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory received the Marilyn Brown Novel Award, presented by Utah Valley University.

“Pick-up a Paul Colt book, you can’t put it down.”

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