Little Minnow

by Richard Snelson

Book Cover: Little Minnow
Part of the Sara Randolph series:
  • Little Minnow

When her second tour in Iraq ends in tragedy, Army veteran Sara Randolph returns home to Arkansas a wounded woman. While her physical scars have begun the fade, the emotional ones are as fresh and raw as ever. Because for Sara, the battle still hasn’t ended. She is haunted by the shame of bad choices and naivety, by the memory of her dead squadmates, and by the guilt for having caused the ambush that got them all killed.

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, home is where she hopes to heal, but even her father, a Vietnam War vet, can’t find the right words to help her. In an effort to push through the trauma and find a new normal, Sara returns to the one place that feels right—the White River, where she grew up fishing. It’s here that she finds peace, as well as Arkansas Conservation Officer Luke Matthews, who could be the key to opening her heart. It’s also where she finds an abandoned young runaway who seems to understand her struggles better than anyone.

As Sara holds on to her sanity with all her strength, she’s faced with more adversity—bullies who don’t appreciate a woman on a man’s river and the small-town Arkansas version of a drug kingpin who thinks her military training might benefit his criminal operation. They all pale in comparison to the most vicious enemy of all, though—herself. Between the flashbacks, the nightmares, and her own horrific self doubt, every step forward comes with two steps back. Can she come to terms with the past and forgive herself? Or will the memory of her dead comrades drive her to the one place she can never return from?

Publisher: Stirling

About the Author

Richard Snelson has deep-seated roots in the Ozarks and possesses a love of all things outdoors. He brings both of these to the printed page to craft unforgettable characters and honest, riveting stories. He has been published in EAA Sport Aircraft and published an international newsletter Thorp T-18 on aviation and aircraft building. Self-published in the past, he is now proud to be represented by Oghma Creative Media and to work with the fine folks and editors there.

He and his wife, RoxAnne, live on a ranch with their horses, where he continues to bring stories of meaning to life. Richards debut novel with Oghma, Little Minnow, is scheduled for release in 2022.

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