by M.G. Miller

Cover: Murderous

For Caroline Turner, life was over. Recently divorced and financially ruined, she had no choice but to move back home and care for her invalid mother. But Mama was so cruel and vindictive—so downright mean—that she made every minute a living nightmare.

What gave Mama the right to treat Caroline the way she did, especially when her daughter was only trying to help? What right did Mama have to talk about Daddy like that, especially when he’d always been the perfect gentleman? Those things she said about him, they just weren’t true—couldn’t be. It made Caroline so mad she thought she’d snap.

Caretaking can really put a damper on a girl’s social life, too, but Caroline just had to have some sort of life, didn’t she? And with the discovery of just how much money Mama really had, she started devising a plan to make it her own. Besides, Mama didn’t really need it, anyway. So who could blame Caroline for what she did to get it? It was only a little lie here and there, only a little forgery; it was only a little tranquilizer, a little gag and rope. Because Caroline just had to shut Mama up once and for all. No matter what it took.

No matter if it meant murder. (176 pages)

Publisher: Liffey

About the Author

M.G. Miller is the author of numerous Southern Gothic novels ranging from literary fiction to psychological thrillers and horror. His work has received Best Novel awards from Arkansas and Oklahoma states, a Deep South Prize from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and an Arkansas Governor’s Award for Literature. Miller works for the estate of best-selling author Harold Robbins, is an avid cinephile, and also enjoys the opera. He lives in Arkansas.