A Fire in Canaan


Book Cover: A Fire in Canaan

Deliver Them Unto Me.

I am Evelyn Winters. I am a good Christian. Sometimes it’s hard being one. Sometimes it’s hard being me...

It was especially hard being caught in a drab, loveless marriage; especially hard wanting what she couldn’t have: Canaan Heights’ handsome new preacher.

At least Evelyn had her children. Two beautiful boys. Corey was eight, Timothy was twelve. But boys will be boys, and they were testing her patience more every day. If only she’d had a little girl. Just one.
Sometimes wanting it all was enough to drive a woman crazy, not to mention all those horrific nightmares she’d been having, all those visions of the impending apocalypse. Evelyn had to be strong—to get what she wanted, and to do anything for her Lord. But when ‘God’ told her to commit the unholiest of crimes against her children, could she obey?

A Fire in Canaan is a blistering descent into madness and murder. It is the darkest, most disturbing work yet from a master of the macabre, certain to scorch whomever it touches.

Publisher: Liffey

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