Sierra Hotel

by Kent McInnis

Book Cover: Sierra Hotel
Part of the Sierra Hotel series:
  • Sierra Hotel
ISBN: 978-1-63373-722-8
Pages: 248

First Lieutenant Rob Amity is an Air Force instructor pilot based Stateside during Vietnam. Most of his fellow instructors have flown combat missions, but he hasn't... nor does he particularly want to. This makes him the odd man out in the ready room, torn between his loyalty to his comrades and his objections to the war. Throw in a vindictive senior officer known as Captain "Military" and his feelings for Suzy, his former girlfriend who is now the wife of his best friend and commander, and you have a bad situation that can only get worse. Seeking solace, Rob gives in to the many temptations of the officers' club and the flightline. The more he can focus on the high-octane life of a fighter pilot—flying, drinking, and sex—the less he has to think about everything else. That's the theory, anyway. In practice, it nearly becomes his undoing.

Following a horrible tragedy, Rob returns home to rest and recuperate. He finds the world he left for the Air Force changed—even his friends and family. Wracked with guilt and faced with hostility simply for the uniform he wears, he must decide between pleasing those around him with false niceties or staying true to his own thoughts and feelings.

Take a seat and strap yourself in, because Sierra Hotel is a full-throttle dive into the world of the United States Air Force during the conflict in Vietnam. Written with the kind of authenticity that only comes with experience, Kent McInnis brings his story to life in lurid detail, with in-flight scenes so real, you'll swear you can smell the jet fuel.

Publisher: Tiree

About the Author

Kent McInnis enlisted in the Air Force in 1969, while awaiting acceptance to pilot training. He earned his wings in 1971 at Laredo AFB, Texas, with a class proudly named the Rio River Rats, an homage to the “real” River Rats who risked their lives flying missions over North Vietnam. His first assignment was to return to Laredo AFB as an instructor pilot in T-37 jet trainers. His job was to introduce student pilots to their first jet aircraft and to solo them. After learning the difficult task of instrument flying, students could experience the more enjoyable parts of flying—aerobatics and formation. Because over half of the instructor pilots were returning Vietnam combat veterans, Kent collected their stories as well as his own in film, photos, and journals. This is the source for accurate and entertaining works of historical fiction Kent McInnis brings to his readers.

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