The Odyssey of Geronimo

Twenty Three Years a Prisoner of War

by W. Michael Farmer

Book Cover: The Odyssey of Geronimo

The Odyssey of Geronimo, based on history and Apache culture but told through his eyes, is a revealing epic of Geronimo’s strengths, weaknesses, and character. As a prisoner of war for twenty-three years, Geronimo escaped being hanged by civil authorities in Arizona, rose to become a national “superstar,” and became an astute businessman. He was invited to three world’s fair expositions, numerous parades and fairs in Oklahoma, and rode with five other famous old warriors in Theodore Roosevelt’s 1905 Inaugural Parade.

During his time in captivity, Geronimo became a justice of the peace at Mount Vernon Barracks, Alabama, a village chief at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and earned pay as an army scout for his leadership. At the 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition in Omaha, in front of a massive crowd, he debated General Nelson Appleton Miles about the lies Miles had told to convince him and his warriors to surrender. During the debate, the famed Apache warrior and shaman of great power publicly shamed the powerful general for his lack of integrity in his dealings with the Apaches.

Authentic, powerful, and exhaustively researched, award-winning author W. Michael Farmer paints Geronimo with an unflinching eye, presenting the good, the bad, and the ugly of one of history’s most feared and famous warriors.

About the Author

W. Michael Farmer combines ten-plus years of research into nineteenth-century Apache history and culture with Southwest-living experience to fill his stories with a genuine sense of time and place. A retired Ph.D. physicist, his scientific research has included measurement of atmospheric aerosols with laser-based instruments, and he has published a two-volume reference book on atmospheric effects on remote sensing. He has also written short stories for anthologies and award-winning essays. His first novel, Hombrecito's War, won a Western Writers of America Spur Finalist Award for Best First Novel in 2006. His novels telling the story of the Mescalero Apaches  Killer of Witches, The Life and Times of Yellow Boy, Mescalero Apache, Book 1 and Blood of the Devil, Book 2 won Will Rogers Medallion Awards and were New Mexico–Arizona Book Awards Finalists in 2016 and 2018. Mariana’s Knight, The Revenge of Henry Fountain won the 2017 New Mexico–Arizona Book Award for Historical Fiction and Blood of the Devil, Book 2 was a finalist. Apacheria, True Stories of Apache Culture, 1860-1920 won the 2018 New Mexico–Arizona Book Award for History-Other and was recognized as the 2018 New Mexico Book of the Year and as a top twenty book about the southwest by the Pima County Library system. In 2019 Knight’s Odyssey, Knight of the Tiger, and Apacheria won Will Rogers Gold Medallion Awards.

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