The Shike Stories #1: Cross Sections

by Cly Boehs

Cover: The Shike Stories #1: Cross Sections
Part of the Shike Stories series:
  • The Shike Stories #1: Cross Sections

Life for the Jantz family has been predicated by the Mennonite church. But through a series of shifting circumstances, inside their church and in the world at large, each member of this family is ultimately confronted with the decision to remain a part of their religious community. Darlene, Vernon, and Caroline “Shike” Jantz’s intensely personal journeys are observed and told through the voice of Shike—a contraction of Shy-Poke—as she comes of age during the 1940s and early ’50s.

In these engaging, interwoven stories, Shike experiences the slow disintegration of her parents’ world.

Even at four years, Shike is an intelligent child with keen observational skills, curiousity about her parents’ beliefs, and an obsession with the meaning of words. She learns that the religious practices of her mother and father are in conflict with their social desires. Her mother reads her prohibited fairy tales, while her father teaches her about the world at large, including a war in which his pacifist beliefs do not allow him to participate. When her father receives his draft notice, he and her mother must decide whether they can still embrace their family’s history and faith.

Publisher: Liffey

About the Author

Cly Boehs (pronounced Kli Baz) was born and raised in Oklahoma. She taught art on Long Island and in upstate New York, where she has lived in the Finger Lakes area for over thirty years. She has been a member of Zee’s writing circles in Ithaca, New York, and various regional writing and art groups including The Georges, T-burg Writer’s Group and The 3pm Club and was a playwright, stage and costume designer and participating member of the original theater group, 3rd Floor Productions for nine years. She has exhibited her art and has created art ritual-performance in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and New York. She has read her stories publicly for many years, including on television and radio.

She believes that we can be saved by deep conversations, books, and art, while our imagination and wonderment are what really keep us alive.

You can follow Cly’s newly posted stories and commentary at Mind At Play, She enjoys hearing from readers.

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