Mark S. Waxman

Mark Waxman is a multiple Emmy Award winning writer/producer. He began his career as a CBS executive developing comedy and drama series, during which time he also wrote scripts for The Young and the Restless. After serving as CBS Vice President of Children’s Programming, Mark became Program Director of public television station KCET, where he also wrote, produced and directed over 400 hours of programming for PBS. He then enjoyed contracts with several Hollywood studios, writing and producing numerous prime time series, movies, specials and reality shows for network and cable television. He created, wrote and produced the internationally acclaimed kid’s science series, Beakman’s World. Since 2007, Mark has been NBC’s writer of America’s most iconic and watched special, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. His debut novel, The McVentures of Me, Morgan McFactoid, was endorsed by President Obama’s choice for National Teacher of the Year. In college, Mark was a state saber champion and captain of the UCLA varsity fencing team.

Committed to Young Dragons Press is Mark’s middle grade comedy, The Funny Kid.  His adult romantic comedy, Twice Upon a Crime is contracted with Oghma Creative Media. Mark is married, lives in Los Angeles, has two great sons and one grateful rescued mutt named Miss Maggie.

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