Clueless Gringos in Paradise

Adventures with My Husband, his PTSD, and Two Enormous Service Dogs

by Pamela Foster

Clueless Gringos in Paradise - cover

In a snap decision fueled by boredom, author Pamela Foster and her Vietnam Veteran husband, Jack, sell everything they own and set off for their new home—Bocas del Toro, Panama, a “tropical paradise.” Adventure and change are what they’re seeking, and it’s just what they find when they pick up the leashes of their two 150-pound service dogs and emigrate to a foreign country. Jack is a chronically impulsive former Marine with raging PTSD, and the service dogs, Chesty and Rocca, are mastiffs who are never farther away than the end of a leash.

Clueless Gringos in Paradise is as much about escape and adventure as it is companionship, and finding a balance between a wife who is prone to bursts of anxiety, a husband who thinks everything is “just fine,” and two giant dogs that are not cut out for long-distance travel proves to be as challenging as making an impromptu move to another country.

This story takes readers through a hilarious and harrowing journey on airplanes, boats, and buses, in taxis, high-rise hotels, restaurants, and cat-infested fish markets. Add a liberal dose of high anxiety—how could it not be hilarious?

Publisher: Meath

About the Author

Pamela Foster lives in her hometown of Eureka, California in the coastal fog and rain of the west coast. A popular speaker and award winning author of contemporary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs and a collection of essays, Foster is currently working on a book of essays about caring for her husband as, together, they deal with the long-term, human costs of war.

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