Room for Wrath

by Gordon Bonnet

Forgiveness has its limits. Revenge doesn't.

On a sweltering hot summer day, Troy Seligman witnesses a murder out on the still waters of Carlisle Lake. A woman strikes Dr. Gregory Neal in the back of the head with a boat hook, knocking him over the side of his yacht. Troy sees it all, and there’s no doubt in his mind that the murderer is Dr. Neal's socialite wife, Linda. It sounds like an open and shut case for the private detectives of Snowe Agency.

Not everything is as it seems, however.

It becomes quickly obvious that the dentist was not the pillar of society he was thought to be. With a long string of infidelities to his name, just about everyone in his life has motive for murder—including his wife, secretary, business partner, mistress, and all three of his dental hygienists. All of them, however, have alibis, even his wife. She was thirty miles away at the time, in front of dozens of witnesses, and recovering from shoulder surgery, to boot.

Troy knows what he saw, but the fact that he was projecting outside his body when he witnessed the murder makes his story problematic at best. Caught now in a tawdry web of sex, lies, and jealousy, he and fellow detectives Bethany Hale, Seth Augustine, and Callista Lee will put their skills to the test to pick up the killer’s trail before someone else on Dr. Neal’s list gets the hook.

(234 pages)

Publisher: Shannon

About the Author

Gordon Bonnet has been writing fiction for decades. Encouraged when his story Crazy Bird Bends His Beak won critical acclaim in Mrs. Moore’s 1st-grade class at Central Elementary School in St. Albans, West Virginia, he embarked on a long love affair with the written word. His interest in the paranormal goes back almost that far, although it has always been tempered by Gordon’s scientific training. This has led to a strange duality; his work as a skeptic and debunker on the popular blog Skeptophilia, while simultaneously writing paranormal and speculative novels, novellas, and short stories. He blogs daily, but is never without a piece of fiction in progress-driven to continue, as he puts it, “because I want to find out how the story ends.” Stay up to date with Gordon and all his writing and appearances on Facebook, Twitter, or at You’ll also find more great fiction on his writing blog, Tales of Whoa.

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