Gray Wolf

by R.L. Adare

Cover: Gray Wolf by R. L. Adare
Part of the Two Blankets series:

Two Blankets, kidnapped as a girl and required to live as a slave by the Chinook, must cast her own future as a whiteman's wife when her adopted tribe is forced to move to the reservation.

Kidnapped at age ten from her native tribe of Nez Perce by the Chinook and forced to live as a mistshimus, a slave in their stratified society, Girl-With-No-Name has earned a place of some respect and even a name among her new tribe.

Now, Two Blankets must face a new trial when her adopted tribe is forced move to Warm Springs Reservation. Left behind with Marshall, the whiteman husband she was sold to, only her resourcefulness and ingenuity can save her. With her spirit guides Gray Wolf and White Mouse, she pursues the only path left to her-a voyage alone, up the mighty Columbia River, to beg the Tyee of the Chinook for a favor.

She knows she cannot join the Chinook there, as the Tyee, Running Blade, has promised to kill her. For she is a mistshimus-a slave-and her forbidden love of the Tyee's son, Standing Bear, should disrupt the tribe. Even so, she must convince the Tyee to invoke the precedent of the Widow's Sister, and allow her a child by Standing Bear. Only then can she return to Marshall and continue to live in his society with her child and a hope for the future.

About the Author

R. L. Adare has been writing since he was a teenager. Taking a major in linguistics at university, his interest in anthropology and language development has frequently played a part in his writing. While studying linguistics he also took a minor in German, so he could read Hesse in the original as well as obtain a teaching credential. He has taught for ten years and been an accountant for thirty-five. Along the way, he and his wife owned a kite shop on the Oregon coast for ten years and lived on a thirty-six-foot sailboat for ten years, which they sailed down the coast from Seattle to Monterey. Among his favorite thousand authors are Zane Grey, Herman Hesse, D. H. Lawrence, C. J. Cherryh, Lawrence Durrell, Ursula Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, Kurt Vonnegut, Jacqueline Cleary, and Diana Gabaldon. He has been published in Wings, Pass the Hemlock, The Whale Song Quarterly, Ariel Chart, The Wyrd, Saddlebag Dispatches and Cobra Lily. He lives with his wife of 35 years and their manx cat, Pixie, in Southwestern Oregon.

Nobody writes the West as beautifully as Zane Grey, but Adare comes pretty damn close. -- DUSTY RICHARDS, Bestselling Western Author

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