White and Black

by Anthony Wood

Book Cover: White and Black

Lummy Tullos, an unpretentious and sometimes mystical farmer, leaves his home in Choctaw, Mississippi in search of his lifelong love, Susannah, a young slave, Susannah is taken from her master by a rich gambler in a card game to Winn Parish, Louisiana. Through a series of harrowing encounters, Lummy follows Susannah meeting helpful, though sometimes unsavory, characters along the way. Reaching the small town of Winnfield, Lummy reunites with his long lost brother, Ben, who works as foreman on the farm of the very man who took Susannah. Conflicts arise while working with his brother who is too much like their angry, sometimes violent father. Wanting to put that past behind him, Lummy improves his lot to leave his brother and make it on his own. The true nature of Susannah’s master is revealed, and Lummy finally marries Susannah Christmas Day, 1862. The Civil War now in full swing and with the Confederate Conscription Act looming heavy, Lummy decides to enlist before he is drafted. This time though, Lummy leaves Susannah to fight for a cause he begins to doubt in his soul. Desperately wanting to be her, his only goal is to go to war, survive, and find his way back home to the only life and love he’s always wanted.

Publisher: Tiree

About the Author

Anthony Wood, a native of Mississippi, resides with his wife, Lisa, in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He ministered for years in inner city neighborhoods among the poor and homeless inspiring him to co-author Up Close and Personal: Embracing the Poor about his work in Memphis, Tennessee.

Anthony is a member of White County Creative Writers, Gin Creek Poets, Turner’s Battery, a Civil War re-enactment company, Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas, and Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas. Two of his short stories won first place awards at the 2019 Arkansas Writer’s Conference, one of which was recently published in Saddlebag Dispatches.

When not writing, Anthony enjoys roaming historical sites, camping, kayaking, and being with family. You can contact Anthony using the links below.

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